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Start The Change Essay

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Known is the fact that all people do not mature at the same time, do not develop equally on the physical field and certainly not synonymous develop their personality . The most intensive development period of life and educational impact is certainly found in childhood and adolescence . It takes place at different locations along the responsibilities of actors in the context of contemporary society . Here we recognize the school with all its components as part of the educational systems that operate at the individual , but we recognize the family and the local community as equal stakeholders resulting from the research . The child actively learns and develops , and how it helps parents and ...view middle of the document...

Therefore , for those who are advanced in age that is older than the population studied , it was emphasized their attention and love of open dialogue and the people who surround us . It is necessary to find a more honest way in assisting children and young people to be able to more easily express , and thereby contribute to the sustainability of the different sectors of life . Social progress is achievable only by the personal and social freedom , and the school is actually life itself . Effective educational process includes two relevant questions . These questions are : what ? and how ? The answer to the first question explains what education should be achieved , and the answer to the second question shows how it should be achieved . The first question is updated pedagogical problem of teleology , that question makes sense , educational ideals , educational purposes and tasks of upbringing . Without them the educational activities would have no perspective , it would be unsupervised , prakticistička , blind and helpless . Pedagogical teleology is conceived , brightens up the way , shows the vital importance , giving it a value meaning ( Mougniotte , 1995) . We can also set up two important issues related to the role of education in society , namely: what is the purpose of education ? And whether that purpose, right? The link between the issues is clear but depends on what we set as its main purpose . More generally , education enables independent operators of the context in which they are educated for example, the willingness of the subject to the labor market in the world until the norms and conditions are constantly changing ( promijenjivost market , racing and breeding excellence and increasing differences and individualization people ) . The increase in the unemployment rate affect the existing problems in the Croatian society , the structural economic crisis . Unemployment in the context of the problem of youth has specific consequences of its long-term influence to prevent young people from taking an active role in society ( Ilišin et al , 2003) . The phrase " active citizen " in its social significance seeks awareness of its fundamental meaning and legitimacy of decision-makers with the help of media and participation in the activities of non-governmental organizations and unavoidable schools at all levels .
In this world often speaks of " children as our future " while pushing estimated , expected , and evaluates the subset called the children and young people . But what about the present ? What is the image of a child under the Convention on the Rights of the Child today ? Do we understand participatory rights as a revolutionary understanding of this document for a new image of the child and his...

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