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Summary Report

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In today’s Information Age, the digitalization of the work environment has led to original and up-to-date working conditions. The articles I will comment on provide information on some new working trends, their advantages and their drawbacks both for the employee and the employer.

In « Where Every Day Is Saturday » a new management strategy, « Results-Only-Work-Environment » (ROWE), is introduced. This strategy, successfully implemented at Best Buy, shatters the accepted idea of office face time productivity. Indeed, for Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, the creators of this technique, trusting employees and giving them the freedom to use their time is the answer to improve workplace ...view middle of the document...

Nonetheless, as it is noted in The Economist article “Home warriors”, flexible work arrangements, particularly telecommuting, have become a common practice for organizations both in Europe and in the United States. Actually, technologies such as broadband communications, phone systems and collaborative tools like video teleconferencing systems increasingly facilitate telecommuting. Certainly, economic and environmental benefits result from the “telecommuting boom”. First, employers save with reduced overhead, communication and labour costs, boosted organizational agility and increased employee productivity and job retention. Second, employees save with reduced commuting costs and time. Lastly, the society benefits from lower oil consumption and reduced carbon emissions. However, remote workers encounter isolation and disconnectedness issues and have lower control over their work. From my point of view, developing means of communication are not a sustainable option to reduce the feeling of isolation owing to the fact that they limit engagement and collaboration between the remote employee and the company.

Moreover, this collaboration, which creates an appealing work environment, is particularly important for employees living abroad. In “The Dark Side of the Expat Life”, Marcus Mabry and Jan Benzel reveal the feelings and viewpoints of “expats” that, after leaving their country found themselves in a limbo situation as they become rootless. In fact, by quoting comments of expatriates on the Rendezvous blog, the authors of the article highlight the positive experience of living abroad while uncovering future uncertainties and loneliness from an expat’s life. The blog presented by the article allows expats to share their thoughts and feelings with other expats who have gone through similar situations.
I can certainly relate to the opinions stated in the article. I have lived away from Colombia, my home country, for almost five years and I have moments of felling lonely and sad for not being able to spend as much time with my friends and family as I want to, in particular on special occasions. Still, I believe that living abroad is enriching as my experience has made me stronger and self-assured. Furthermore, my passion for Paris and my desire to travel and discover new cultures has been a way for me to beat loneliness. Thus far, I haven’t thought about a future family or career, perhaps finding a job that...

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