System Needs Analysis

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System needs and design 1
Current equipment 1
System needs 1
Hardware 1
Software 2
Design specifications 2
Hardware 2
Software 3
Conclusion 3


Bright Future's current system is made up of the following equipment:
• 1 x Cisco 1841 Router
• 2 x Cisco switches 48 port (each)
• 3 Cisco wireless access points
• 2 x HP Proliant DL120 G7 server with 2 TB of HD space each
• 144 port patch panel
• 120 x Acer Travelmate laptops of various models
• 12 Dell desktops
• 17 HP all in one desktops
• 1 x Macintosh
• 5 x projectors
• 3 colour laser printers
• 4 internal phones

As Bright Future is currently expanding at quite a ...view middle of the document...

An iMac with a good enough specification for the designers would cost around £1050. Four internal phones is all that would be needed at this current moment, however I recommend that each recruiter have their own phone, so that the company can deal with more potential apprentices.

I would recommend that all apprentices are eventually moved from PC's to laptop, as apprentices may have to move to different rooms or part of the building, and laptops make for much easier transportation. Laptops could also be taken home by the apprentices so that they can continue their work, given they have permission from Bright Future. Another reason for the move to laptops is that they are generally cheaper than PC's. I would recommend that the Acer Travelmate laptops be upgraded as they are better options available on the market. I would recommend the Acer Aspire V5 as it has good specfication at a good price. An Acer Aspire V5 that would be suitable for employees and can be picked up for around £500 each.

Bright Future network is currently having problems as it is having problems with the amount of people on the network. I would suggest settings up multiple networks as the current network cannot support the amount of employees currently and with Bright Future are still getting new groups of apprentice every couple of months, even more strain will be put on the network. I would recommend upgrading from the Cisco 1841 router to the Cisco 2811 router as it offers much better performance than the 1841. The 2811 also allows for better expansion than the 1841 which is what a growing company like Bright Future need. I feel that the two HP Proliant are good enough as they allow for expansion in the future, as they can go up to 16GB.

I would recommend that all laptops and desktops have the following software installed on them before they are used by employees. I would recommend AVAST which is a free anti-virus software. This will keep the computer safe from viruses and spyware. CCleaner & Defraggler should be downloaded for maintenance. Defraggler will defrag all fragmented files on the computer, and CCleaner will optimizes the system and is a cleaning tool, removing unnecessary files. Malware...

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