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Technology Era Essay

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Technology Era There have been many important eras in the past, and I think this one is of equal importance. It's the era of technology. There are so many advance in medicine, science and entertainment, etc. The technology era is just beginning and will continue on for the rest of time.Some of the different advances include exploration of medicine, such as stem cells, cloning, test tube babies, and cures for diseases that were up until now incurable. Surgery has become more modernize, and there are many different surgical tools. Doctors can study the brain and body more effectively, which in turn can help us find cures. For example people with too much dopamine causes schizophrenia, and too little causes Parkinson's disease. Now with this information, psychiatrists will subscribe medicines to regulate the dopamine levels, and to help alleviate the symptoms.Since the first moon landing, science exploration has bloomed. Science is also tied in with medicine. We are exploring limits that we never imagined. We have landed on Mars and found water on the red planet. We can now trace comets and meteors and see in how many years they reappear in visible range of the earth. We are learning to grow certain plants that would help in malnutrition. Also, technology has strengthened our war department. We are modernizing and inventing weapons than can come in use, if at war. People have invented cars that run on solar power, and do not use so much oil and gas. Science technology is helping the world of medicine greatly. Machines such as an electroencephalogram (EEG), computer axial tomography (CAT), magnetic...

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