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Did you know. The average age of first experimentation with drugs is 13 years of age, and for alcohol it is even younger. Drug use has been classified as a major problem for teenagers as early as primary school by the students themselves. Good morning/ afternoon Mrs Ives I am here to promote responsible teen behaviours , how poor choices can impact on families, friends and the community and how teenagers can change their attitudes and behaviours. There comes a time in one’s life when they leave adolescence and enter the teenage years. Over the decades, there has been a drastic change in teen behaviour’s. Some of these include violence, drug abuse and sexual activity. This change often puzzles people and they wonder how it happened. Could it be the media or peers? The teenage years are a time to experiment and take risks. It is a time to define one’s self as an individual. However this is impacting on our love ones and the community. .

Teenage Violence is a big dilemma in today's society. Anger can be challenging emotions for many teenagers it can often start off with family and peers, their emotions, community or neighbourhood. It can also be affected by what they see on television, on the internet, in video games and what they hear in their music. Coping with these feelings, may lash out, putting themselves and others at risk and how violent teenagers can be towards another. It has a big impact in our youth today that it leads to many destructive things .The challenge for parents is to help cope with emotions and deal with in a more constructive way. For example healthy ways to relieve anger, parents can control what their teenager watches on television.

One of our worst nightmares as a parent is finding your teenager has started smoking or taking drugs. Parent’s first reaction could be angry but most of us can remember what it was like when we...

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