Ten Year Speech

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High school students tend to live each day as if it’s the pinnacle of their existence. For some, it is, as they’ll come to realize the same measures of success employed in that time cannot be their crowning achievement in the real world. The values and principles generally exhibited by high school students are as far reaching from the truth as graduation is from retirement. For those who took high school lightly, enjoying more of the social aspect and never put effort into their schoolwork, they will have to live with those decisions for the rest of their lives. The life that you have been living for the past ten years may not be the one you wanted, but it is definitely the one you chose. ...view middle of the document...

I loved volunteering at the hospital and constantly took on opportunities around the community to feed the poor at the Shalome House, help raise money for mental illness, and to inspire younger children to read through volunteering at the library. When I told some of you this is what I call fun because it’s what I love to do, many balked at me. Some asked, “How could you find that fun?” I guess it’s just the passion within me to help people. Some even said I was a workaholic. Which I told them, “I’m not a workaholic, I’m a workafrolic by having fun in what I do.” I never took the time to watch TV, instead I read books or exercised. The reason why I was so determined was thanks to the grace of God. When I lost my dad at age ten, instead of straying off course, my strong relationship with God enabled me to not despond but rather to work harder. It made me realize that a man may not always be able to be there for me and so I had to create my success to sustain myself. I’m now twenty-seven years of age and could not be more satisfied in my career as a physician’s assistant and my involvement in the...

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