Term Paper Assignment Quality, Expedience And Cost Are The Three

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Term Paper Assignment Quality, expedience and cost are the three determining factors in the success of any business in today's market. To ensure success in the software engineering and analyses market, you have to be able to turn out a high quality product faster then your competitors and do it at less of a cost. Companies tend to resist change because they are comfortable with the way things are done and they fear failure. In other words if it isn't broken, don't fix it. Kent Beck, the developer of Extreme Programming (XP), did not necessarily agree with this thought process. He developed XP based on the observations of what made computer programming faster and what made it slower. XP is an important new methodology for two reasons. First and foremost it is a re-examination of software development practices that have become standard operating procedures. Second, it is one of several new lightweight software methodologies created to reduce the cost of software. XP goes one step further and defines a process that is based on simplicity, communication and feedback.Escrow.com was a company faced with problems in its development efforts. These problems included slow delivery, increasing development costs and poor product quality. To Escrow.com, time-to-market was critical in establishing their business and gaining market share. In an attempt to improve where they were failing, early process improvement efforts were implemented and found to be largely unsuccessful. It was evident that a fundamental change to the development process was needed. In response to this need, Escrow.com looked at implementing Extreme Programming (XP) because of the hypothesized benefits they expected the new method to deliver. They implemented the change and compared it to a non-XP project they were conducting at the same time. The differences between the two were noticeably in favor of XP. Since Escrow.com did not have the time or the resources to conduct a pilot XP project, they made an immediate and complete switch to XP. They adopted XP as their fundamental software development process within a two week preparation period. Escrow.com is just one example of a company to take this step forward. Many other companies, including Symantec, are testimony to this, having implemented the XP methodology as well. All of these companies have embraced the practices of XP because it is simple, cost effective, advanced, and enjoyable. XP could bring any company great success, specifically when its 12 best practices are implemented. The best practices to be discussed in further detail are on-site customers, contiguous integration and paired programming.An on-site customer is an employee of the company who will actually use the system. The on-site customer works directly with the development team to keep scope intact and improve question response, quality and time. If the contracture does not want to lend an employee to be an on-site customer, the value of the project should be...

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