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Testing Friendships In Sula By Toni Morrison

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Every individual’s life is shaped by personal relationships that they have with others. Whether there are complications in the friendship or not, the person’s life is changed in some way. In Sula by Toni Morrison, friendships are put to the test. Single mother-child relationships and other friendships have hardships that they must overcome. Friendships between women when unmediated by men in a mother and child relationship create difficult decision-makings and ways of life, yet friendships between friends are less complicated and stronger without them.
The mother and child relationships greatly affect the identity development in the kids. As seen in the community, the mother-child relationship is important in the sense that the mothers help shape their children’s future and aid them while understanding the world. Eva was a good mother from the beginning. She always wanted the best for her children before taking care of herself. Though hard to understand by her children, she killed Plum to relieve him from his heroine addiction and to make her life a little easier. “Rocking, rocking, listening to Plum’s occasional chuckles, Eva let her memory spin, loop and fall… ‘Mamma, you so purty. You so purty, Mamma.’ Eva lifted her tongue to the edge of her lip to stop the tears from running into her mouth” (46-47). Eva’s love for Plum is clearly shown. With his addiction, he was unable to live on his own and this required a lot of money and time; time in which Eva did not have to help. Because he was so far into his drug problem, it would take a lot of money to put Plum in therapy or to help him overcome the addiction. By Plum no longer being alive, this is one less child to worry about feeding and providing support for. It was a difficult choice for Eva to make but she knew it had to be done in order to continue on.
Eva’s desire to make her children’s life enjoyable and just like everyone else’s is also seen, even without a father figure present. She leaves her children with their neighbors for eighteen months to earn money and continue supporting her children. “People were willing to help but Eva felt she would soon run her welcome out; winters were hard and her neighbors were not that much better off” (32). Although being faced with the decision of whether or not to accept their motions, she did what she believed in. She did not take advantage of the help that was offered because she knew this would help her yet hurt them. Eva did not want to take what those families worked for in order to only benefit hers. She accepted the fact that she would have to work hard because she was the only adult in the house to support and earn money. Because of this, Eva felt as if the best decision to make would be to leave for sometime. However, her daughter, Hannah did not agree with this decision because this time away greatly influenced the emotional relationship between them. Eva cannot provide the motherly love that Hannah needs, especially when there is not a ...

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