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Motor homes come in different classes. These classes determine the luxury and features that you motor home will come with. These classes help you to figure out which motor home is right for you. Some people are comfortable traveling in a motor home that is of a lower class, while others need the luxury that a higher-class motor home offers. Not only does the class determine some of the luxuries that your motor home may have but it also determines the size of the motor home. A class A motor home is considerably larger than a Class B motor home. It will also determine the frame that your motor home is built on. As you will see below a Class A, motor home is built on a frame all its one in one ...view middle of the document...

For more width, the Class A motors are now coming designed with a slide out that allows for the widening of the living, kitchen and dining areas while the motor home is not being operated.

The Class A motor home is distinguished by a couple of different styles. There are the bus models that have a flat front end and are taller offering the basement storage underneath. Most Class A models have a sloped front end to them.

Class C Motor Homes:

The Class C motor home offers almost all the luxuries of a Class A motor home only in a slightly smaller space. The Class C ranges from 20 feet to 35 feet. The motor homes attached cab is what differentiates a Class C from a Class A motor home. The Class C motor home is considered to be a hybrid among motor homes. The reason it is a hybrid is that the chassis is that of a van with a motor home body built on top of it. With its smaller size the Class C can be parked places you cannot get the larger Class A into.

By pressing a button, the Class C can be made wider with the slide out. This slide out panel enlarges the living area, kitchen and dining area. This is a feature than is used when the motor home is parked to give more comfort during times when it is not in operation. The Class C with its shorter design places the sleeping areas more on top of each other. Class C motor homes feature a bunk above the driving area for sleeping as well. Typically, a Class C can sleep eight people when the bunk above the cab is used.

Class B Motor Homes:

The Class B motor home lacks many of the luxuries that come with a Class A motor home. The size of a Class B does not allow for many people to travel within this motor home. On average, the sleeping arrangement of a Class B motor home is that it can comfortably accommodate the sleeping of four adults or two adults and around three children. Therefore, for larger families or groups the Class B will lack the space needed.

The Class B motor home is considered the van camper of motor homes since it is built on the frame of a regular street van. While it looks like a sporty van on the outside, it contains the amenities of a motor home such as bathroom facilities, kitchen and sleeping/sitting area. The class B is equipped to allow for hook up to city water as well as it has its own fresh water storage.

Conversion Vans are also listed as Class B Motor homes. These may come with a bathroom facility or not as well as they may or may not have a kitchen. The fact that they are designed for sleeping and sitting areas, is what places them into the motor home classification.

Class B motor homes are not well defined within the motor home industry. It is for that lack of definition that a Class B motor home can be anything from a VW microbus to a large conversion van. Class B motor homes are now starting to include features that at one time had only been available in the Class A motor homes.

While the Class B normally lacks the luxuries that the Class A and Class C motor...

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