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The Adventures Of Nut Man, A Spinoff Of Modern Day Superheros

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Once upon a time there was a boy named Jim who liked peanuts, in fact he loved peanuts so much that he collected them. As the boy grew older his peanut collection grew along with his knowledge of the nut. One day while on a stroll through town munching on western albino peanuts a truck full of radioactive waste drove by, you know the ones with the big warning signs on them. This of course distracted the driver of a majestic dark blue Volvo 940 Turbo causing a horrible radioactive waste dump right on Jim. Naturally the driver of the Volvo came away unscathed from the accident but Jim unknowingly fused with the peanuts in the palm of his hand. Giving rise to the greatest super hero of all time... Nut Man!Episode 1: The discovery of Nut Man's PowersAs you may remember Nut Man gained his powers from a freak radioactive accident but he did not realize he had these powers all at once. As he was home the next day having recovered from the accident he went to make himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Much to his dismay he discover he had no peanut butter, then suddenly as if from nowhere peanut butter appeared on the bread. Jim had inadvertently discovered that peanut butter shot out of his wrists when he flicked them in a certain wayJim also noticed something else. It seemed that he now had an almost sixth sense with peanut location. Anywhere Jim was he knew exactly where peanuts were. It was almost as if he had radar for Peanuts. This would come to be later known as Nutdar. Jim also lost some weight, grew a mustache, and built up some well-deserved muscle. Like all super heroes Jim could also sense crime He would now be known as... Nut Man!Episode 2: Nut Man meats DelilahOne day while Nut Man strolled through town (he liked Strolling) he heard a cry for help. Nut Man called 911 on his cell phone and was...

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