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Our watershed is the the Sacramento River Basin. It is currently in danger of heavy pollution, erosion which would make the water very dirty and full of silt, and extraction of yet more water to Southern California. To fix some of these problems, we are proposing that we build housing for native bumblebees, which will fix erosion by pollinating plants and helping more plants to grow. This project is very important to us because we depend on the watershed for survival. Without a healthy watershed, we would be at a loss for clean water and food from farms.
The name of Sacramento's watershed is the Sacramento River Basin. It consists of the Sierra Nevada mountain range (which is the source of the water), the American River, the Sacramento River and the San Francisco Bay.The water columns down south from the crest of the Sierra Nevada to the rivers. The Sacramento River (from the north) joins the American River (from the west) at the border of the Sacramento County then it empties out into the San Francisco Bay, which leads to the ocean. Before the American River, there are three small tributaries that feed into the river. They are the North Fork, the Middle Fork and the South Fork.
Since 2006 European Honey Bees have been suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) where large numbers of bees disappear without a trace. This became extremely popular in the media and throughout the scientific world. Many large government organizations such as the CDC investigated the event and could only find that the bees had weakened immune systems but were not sure why until later. Between 2007 and 2013 people offered many different outrages ideas ranging from cellphone to the rapture but it wasn't until August of 2013 that researchers found a more likely culprit. They conducted a test that involved talking pollen from areas heavily affected by CCD and gave the pollen to healthy bees, within days the immune systems of the bees almost entirely shut down. They think this is because of various fungicides used by people in the areas, however, this has not been confirmed and it is very likely that the it is not the actual cause of CCD but only causes similar illnesses. If the number of honey bees continues to drop California’s number one grossing agriculture, almonds, will lose billions of dollars each year. In order to grow almonds the flowers must be pollinated by bees. Also honey bees are responsible for a majority for the pollination of wild plants in California that keep the banks of the river from collapsing and beauty and shade for people in the Sacramento Watershed. Americans have become so reliant on European Honey Bees that we often forget that we have over 1,000 native bees in California that kept our forests alive for millennia before the introduction of foreign bees to the U.S.. One tragic case of this is Franklin's Bumblebee (Bombus Franklini) which was unable to cope with the diseases of the ever increasing population of European Honey Bees. Sadly...

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