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Thesis Statement: Acharya questions his own beliefs after working with a talented young student. Acharya is known as the Shakespeare of poetry in Nepal.Acharya and Giri were similar when they were young. They were involved both in political movements. Giri belonged to the united democratic front. Acharya was put in jail when he was young for writing poems against the government. Acharya was uncompterbale with giri's political group. He didn't think it fit his personality. " The few members of the UDF he had met or seen in colleges had a brazen attitude hinting at mania". ...view middle of the document...

" Rarely had he felt such pride; at the same time, a restless swept over him." (Pg28) Acharya didn't always feel this way about his students. He let his first student go because he had such a big ego and thick headed. Giri was permitted to visit Acharya's home each Saturday and become close to the family.The sudden death of Giri was horrible to Acharya. Acharya wants to write a poem but he his distracted by his inner feelings and because of the death of Giri. He gets illness increases as his life continues. For example he has to sit on a comfy chair because of his back pain. "During these three months he often stayed up late into the night, forgetting to eat, and his body looked frail as dark circles appeared around his eyes."(Pg32). He 's not even excited when he gets an award from his own government for the best poet in the country because of it reminds him of what happen twenty-five years ago. That just makes him thing about the rebellion and Girir and his beliefs. When he goes to receive the award on stage he sees Giri reading in the auditorium and his white face shining in the darkness.In conclusion this young poet impacts Acharya so much that his in piece is disturbed. He can't rest without thinking of Giri. He knows the world has changed but he wants to be like the young poet instead of what he has become.

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