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The Delphi Technique : Application, Advantages And Disadvantages In Pharmacy Department, Prince Court Medical Centre

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Prince Court Medical Centre, Pharmacy Department would be the workplace of my choice to conduct the application of The Delphi Technique on its current Real-Life Situation. The policies that were created in the Pharmacy Department has a distinct variance between how it was structured during the formation of the hospital 8 years ago against its relevance towards its application in the current environment. 18 would be selected as key representatives of the Pharmacy Department comprising of the Operational Director, Head of Pharmacist, Pharmacists, Senior Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacy Technicians, Nurse Managers, Nurses, Patient Service Assistants, and Retail Manager with members of equal number respectively, are to be consulted and elected as panel members in developing an implementation plan using the Delphi technique to establish and generate ideas in relation to rationality and relevance to incorporate an improved Pharmacy Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Policies into the daily practice of the pharmacy subordinates. The Delphi study modification in favor of policy research could be used towards idea generation and provide the strongest arguments for decision-makers against different resolutions towards a particular issue raised. Anonymity would be a core feature the Delphi technique had to offer as implementation via email between the panelists and the subjected audience would be the main choice instead of the usual face-to-face discussion. The virtual approach would give the panelists sufficient fairness towards judgments, diverting from potential power imbalance related problems that may be created. The Delphi questionnaires would be structured based on relevance and distributed in return for responses received by email. The open ended-question for round one that could be structured would be: “After reading the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Policies, what recommendations do you have towards its current relevance against the current environment of Prince Court Medical Centre Pharmacy Department?”. The responses would be gathered and a master...


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