The Doors Biography Essay

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The Doors Biography

     From their beginnings during the summer of 1965 at Venice Beach, California, The Doors were a band of creative energy, with most of the focus on Jim Morrison. His looks and talents clearly tell why. Jim was well aware that the magic of The Doors could never have happened without the fortunate talents of John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison. Robby Krieger, for example, wrote lyrics and music that sounded a lot like Morrison's work, such songs as "Light My Fire," "Love Me Two Times," and "Love Her Madly." There are many that think Jim was the only creative poet in the band, when in fact there were two.
     If it wasn't for Krieger, Manzarek and Densmore there is a strong chance that Jim's songs would never have made it off the page, into rehearsal, onto the stage, into the recording studio. It took all three to successfully create the masterwork of "The Doors."
     Ray Manzarek, was a trained pianist, raised in Chicago with a deep love for the blues. He wrote the themes for many of the songs and played not only the keyboard parts but simultaneously (with his left hand) played the melodic driving bass lines. John Densmore, a jazz drummer with an unbeatable skill for shamanic rhythm and theatrical timing, was the band's tireless engine. Robby Krieger, a song writing secret weapon who could play any guitar from classic flamenco to bottle neck blues, created styles and sounds previously unheard by man. And Jim Morrison, the baritone, was a talented poet with an innate compositional gift and the soul of a mystic. Together these men brought The Doors' songs to life. They were equal points of a musical phenomenon.
     The band got its name from the poet William Blake, who had written, "When the doors of perception are cleansed, things will appear to man as they truly are, infinite." English author Aldous Huxley was inspired by Blake's quote to title his book on mescaline experiences The Doors of Perception. Morrison was so connected to both works that he proposed, The Doors, to his band mates. Everyone agreed that the name, was perfect to convey who they were and clearly represent what they stood for.
     The group was signed to Elektra Records in July of 1966 by Jac Holzman, Elektra's founder. At that time Elektra Records was a small folk music record company. By April 1971, The Doors had recorded six landmark studio LP's and a two record set of live performances. The first seven discs with producer Paul A. Rothchild and the last one co produced by The Doors and their career long engineer Bruce Botnick. The Doors and Elektra had grown into world famed institutions.
     The band's un stated goal was to accomplish musical alchemy, to fuse rock music with both existent...

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