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The Dying Pandas Essay

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"C'mon Miranda! Are you scared?" Shelly asked.
"Um, no! I'm just simply practicing my 113 yoga-breathing exercises," I answered. In fact, I was very scared. No, I was terrified. I definitely did not want to go to the abandoned Higgins's Estate. Legend says that after his wife died 110 years ago; Mr. Higgins went into a rage and killed his family and staff in the house. As he was about to be hanged, he cursed the town of Duranville and the estate with his ghost and guaranteed death for any resident of the town who entered his ghostly estate. Now you may be thinking, "How would such a logical girl like Miranda Smythe get herself into such a dilemma?" Well, it is quite a story! So sit back and ...view middle of the document...

Everyone was wearing causal clothes. I looked like the princess from enchanted lost in New York! Opps! That was a serious mistake. After that I played truth or dare with Shelly, Nikki, Emily, Joanne, Jessica, Kylie, and Mary. We dared each other to do really embarrassing things but then when I chose dare; a shy girl named Mary dared me to go in the Higgins's house. At first I nodded my approval and I was confident as all the girls stared at me in awe.
"Are you sure about this Miranda? You know that you don't need to do this," Joanne said.
"Yeah, I'm sure Mary could think of another and more appropriate dare," Nikki added.
"C'mon guys, it's a dare! Miranda has to do it! Right?" Shelly countered.
"Don't worry!" I assured them, "I can definitely do it!" I was sure I could. We got out of Joshua's house and we started to walk towards the Higgins's Mansion. As we started to approach the big iron wrought gate, I started to become scared. I started to shake until I heard a voice.
"C'mon Miranda! Are you scared?" It was Shelly.
"Um, no! I'm just simply practicing my 113 yoga-breathing exercises," I answered. In fact, I was very scared. No, I was terrified. I definitely did not want to go to the abandoned Higgins's Estate. I really didn't want to die in there.
"Well, then go in! Gosh! You were so confident before!" Shelly replied.
"Okay!" I slowly opened the creaking gate and walked in. There was a huge unattended garden with towering weeds. I slowly open the big wooden door to the estate and I walked in.
Every step I made was a creak. "Hello?" I whispered. There was no answer. I walked into a large dining room with a huge ornate...

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