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For the international students, if they want to study abroad, like United States, they have to take many exams, like SAT or ACT, TOEFL or IELTS and AP. It is a big challenge for people whose home language is not English. At my high school, which is in China, we only need to write about 5 sentences or 120 words for an essay on the exam. However, when we prepare for the SAT, we need to write an 800 words minimum essay in 25 minutes. And for the TOEFL test, we need to write two different essays, which are 500 words minimum on each one in 60 minutes. That sounds like an impossible mission for someone who doesn’t write like that before. For me, those are definitely hard works. ...view middle of the document...

That helped me think deeply. For the first paper, my readers thought my examples were good, so I decided to keep it. But my weakest part, according to the peer reviewers, was the connection between my examples, so I needed to find a way to fix that. This was the pattern of how I treat the peer review. And the peer review sheet that professor Gerber gives us is very specific, and after the peer review day, I can know much better about how to keep working at my paper.
Moreover, we also learned the writing skills through reading in some contents. Professor Gerber gave us some reading assignments to learn how did the writer arrange their papers or their books, such as the “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan. In this reading, we analyzed the main idea of it and learned how did the writer invent, arrange and revise their paper. For instance, on the reading “Mother Tongue”, Amy stated that there were many kinds of English, and she needed to prove the idea that she invented, so she found many ways to grow the paper, such as brainstorm, and thinking back her own memories with the English speakers she had ever met. Furthermore, we needed to think about our audience and the purpose for the paper. For example, Tan’s purpose was to show there are much different kinds of English around the world.
In the second paper, we needed to write about an artifact that represented our culture. My topic was about herbal tea, which was a kind of Chinese medicine in my hometown – Guangdong. At first, I totally confused with the topic I chose because I didn’t know much about the herbal tea. So I searched on the Internet and got many information I need. And in the class, professor Gerber shows many ways to do a research, and to find a research properly. In addition, for the information or the resources to the paper, we also learned about how to do a research for it. Furthermore, I also learned how to put a visual in text of my paper and the format of it. And I think this skill could be really helpful for my writing in the future.
In order to explain deeply of what we were writing, we needed to know precisely of the object. For example, my third paper was about the music videos, so I needed to find out the history of music videos, and the trend of it, the opinions from people as well. In the class, professor Gerber taught us many different kinds of resources, such as primary, which were interviews and surveys and secondary, which were scholarly articles and popular magazines. I learned...

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