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The Future Of Surgical Simulation Essay

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Today I am in the final days of my medical school and in no less than a year I will be doctor for my patient though just an intern for seniors. But it is really unfortunate that I do not know how to pierce a human body with a syringe till date and I do not think anyone is going to teach me such trivial skill. Then how can I carry on with the medical ethic of "Primum non nocere". Are the theories we read in our books sufficient to slice a human with a razor-sharp scalpel? "No!" the obvious answer. Practice will make us perfect. It is obvious that junior doctors are more prone to make errors (Tevlin, Doherty, & Traynor, 2013). Even trained ones are doing errors and 75% errors occurred in ...view middle of the document...

Simulation does improve their surgical skills if provided opportunity (Okrainee, Smith, & Azzie, 2008). Minimally invasive surgery is the future which can only be mastered by using simulation techniques (Schreuder, Oei, Maas, Borleffs, & Schijven, 2011).
The outsourcing of elective and non-emergency surgeries to developing world is taking its new heights. (Herrick, 2007) It becomes our duty to meet your expectation of world-class service. So we need to be trained to the highest degree of excellence.
90% of residents who express their interest in a developing country elective (Doruk, Roayaie, Debas, Schecter, & Farmer, 2005), would not find it impracticable to bring the little of practicing tools they can manage and carry with them as it provides them better exposure, good training in history taking and examination skills in resource limited setting.
Above all why the poor students of third should be deprived of modern facilities? Why should the unfortunate patients be subjected to untrained and inexperienced hands or be the subject of new trainee? Petty errors shall never be the cause of their bad fate. They equally have the right to live and to get the best of what their counterparts are being provided across the globe.
As stated earlier it is far ahead of time for growing doctors like us from the developing world to talk about a high-tech surgical skill lab to reinforce our dexterity of saving and modifying human life. Well-wishers apparently are donating simulators to us but those are not enough and a perpetual solution to our problem (Rajbhandari, 2013). The best thing we could do today is import technologies that are reasonably priced, affordable and portable. Game based simulators can help acquire better eye-hand coordination and precise hand movements if good anatomy and graphic based software are developed. An empty box where hand and device movements can be precisely sensed and corresponding impact visualization can be made on monitor can replace joystick from that game. E-Scalpels to incise over a touch screen can help refine our hands. Exchange of technologies could also be a boon for us as locally available resources could be utilized to make...

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