The Geomorphology Of The Moon Mountain Area We Started Off

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The Geomorphology of the Moon Mountain Area We started off at school, to head out to Usfan. Usfan is an area north east of Jeddah. In this project I am mainly going to talk about the history and the geology of the region. We set up camp just after Moon Mountain. At this site there were many apparent geographic features such as batholiths, dykes and huge amounts of weathering.The origins of the red sea date back to about 35 million years ago which in geographical terms is a very recent event. The pre-rifting stage commenced with an asthenospheric hot spot forming under the Arabian plate. Asthenospheric hot spots are areas underneath the lithosphere where molten rock builds up and causes crustal doming, uplifts, faulting and volcanics.As shown in the diagrams above, we see the fist stages of the rifting of the Red Sea. Tectonic movement has elevated the west side of Arabia and depressed the east. Early rifting commenced in the late Oligocene to middle Miocene period which is about 15 million years ago. After this widespread igneous rock activities took place including basaltic lava flows. Dyke swarms were injected in to the continental crust in zones of 5 to 10 kilometers wide. As shown in the diagram below The pictures below show examples of dykes that have been injected into the continental crust As u can see clearly there is a darker colored line of rock within the hill. This is the dyke. Below we can see on the hill that the Dyke splits up which has been formed in the early rifting of the Red Sea.These Dykes have also crossed over faults and have been shifted. There is was an absolutely amazing example of this at our site as shown below, the student representing the dyke.Sea Floor spreading only started about 5 to 6...

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