The Hero Quest Pattern Withen "Spiderman" The Film

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Spiderman, Spiderman... Does whatever a spider can... Spins a web, any size... Catches thieves, just like flies... Look out! Here comes the Spiderman! Many people are familiar with this old jingle and the hero character Spiderman immediately comes to mind. However, Spiderman was not always Spiderman, rather a young teenager named Peter Parker. Peter, before he undergoes his miraculous transformation, is an orphaned boy who lives a quiet life with his aunt and uncle. That is, until he attends a field trip with his high school to a local science laboratory. For at this science laboratory Peter is bitten by one of the experiments, a radioactive super spider. From this event, Peter is blessed, yet cursed, with super human powers beyond his wildest dreams. Spiderman is, beyond any doubt, a true hero who goes on an epical journey to uphold peace throughout his city.When Peter Parker first begins to see himself changing in abnormal ways he is neither frightened nor reluctant, contrary to the common hero. Peter was not one of the popular kids at school. In fact, no one paid much attention to him because he was considered a "nerd". So, when he began to discover his newly acclaimed powers, he was overjoyed. However, when Peter's uncle is murdered by a thief he realizes that his powers were meant for something greater than personal use. Unlike many other heroes Peter readily accepts his heroic call, partly because of his ambition to avenge his uncle's death. Peter, now officially Spiderman, begins his journey by performing good deeds within his city. Within no time Spiderman develops a reputation for being just the "Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman".In contrast to similar super heroes, Spiderman does not have a sidekick or a helper. What he does have is the counsel and advice of the people and friends around him. One of the last things that Spiderman's uncle told him before he died was that, "With great power, comes great responsibility". It is this theme that serves as a helper or aide for Spiderman in times of critical decisions, such as his decision to not love a woman because he knew that the people closest to him were the ones to suffer, rather than himself. Spiderman lives his life by the advice that his uncle gave him and uses it in every decision that he makes. This counsel is very relative to any helper or supernatural aide that a normal superhero might have. Besides Spiderman's aide and advice of other people, there are the obvious supernatural helpers, such as his super-human powers.In a Hero's journey, his first few battles are usually easy for the hero and then things begin to get a bit more difficult. Spiderman's first challenges come in the form of everyday burglars, thieves, and general troublemakers. Spiderman prevails in every situation without a hitch. However, it isn't long before he meets a fair match. The Green Goblin, a super-human similar two Spiderman but with two personalities; one good and one bad, makes his first appearance to...

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