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The Host Book Report

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A. In the book “The Host”, the “host” is the human body that an alien “parasite” is inserted into. Although the human host is very much resistant and reluctant to giving themselves up for this procedure. Once captured by these aliens, Melanie Stryder becomes a human host for the alien parasite Wanderer, the main character, and at first are mortal enemies. After insertion, Wanderer begins to realize that Melanie is a strong host that has fought back from Wanderer more than any host Wanderer has ever lived inside. When trying to seek information from Melanie’s memories, Melanie starts to overpower, rule, and overwhelm her with stressful emotions. Eventually, Wanderer falls in love with Melanie’s loved ones that she sees in her memories and goes out of her way to provide help and security for them and the other humans. In the end, Wanderer is defined by her human host body and is forever defined by her host body after being inserted out of Melanie’s body into her own host body.
Before opening the book, I automatically assumed that the title represented the relationship between the host, Melanie, and the parasite, Wanderer. It seemed as though the image on the cover, the image of the eye of a host body with a parasite inside, gave me an impression of war, love, security, trust and honesty. War in my mind would represent the fight between the human race and the alien race in hopes of survival and conquest. Love and security would tie into each other to represent the love of humans towards the loved ones around them and the yearning to protect them from any harm. And lastly, trust and honesty between the host and the parasite to ensure that both species are on each other’s side and are honest in their intention to inflict no harm.
B. When reading the Host, my initial reaction was that the book seemed way too dull, bland, and the typical teen romance books that Stephenie Meyer always writes. But once I started to preoccupy myself and become determined to finish the book, the book started to have the phenomenal-sci-fi-action-filled-romance story that I was hoping to find. It wasn’t too overwhelmingly cheesy like I had assumed in my initial reaction. Once Wanderer began to fall deeply in love with Melanie and her human family, she set aside her search inside Melanie’s memories to seek out information for the Seeker to find the other runaway humans. After seeing Melanie’s strength in restraining Wanderer from her thoughts and the deep love for her family, she too felt these emotions and the need to seek protection for Melanie’s human family. With unconditional, motherly love, she goes out of her way to sacrifice everything she could for her enemies’ protection along with her alien families’ protection from the humans. Once reading about all the sacrifices she made, my gut reaction was mixed with sadness, anxiety, and glee. She had tried to sacrifice her life for the ones she loved and she was unselfish in her effort to bring happiness towards...

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