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The Longbow Essay

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For many ages, the bow and arrow has been an influence for many people. The bow and arrow is not just a weapon but a tool. The bow has transformed over the years to what used to be something much simpler. Rather than a complex bow, the bow many years ago was longer, more flexible with no sights nor additions on it. For the middle ages it was a success for rivalry but a world-wide change that forever influenced any civilization; for both the best and the worst. Truly, the longbow has overwhelmed history in its importance during the medieval times.
The longbow was a recreational activity practiced first by the Wales to attack the English. But the English recognized its purposes and used the ...view middle of the document...

The structure itself consisted the height of 6 to 7 ft. The bow was originally made from the wood of yew. But since longbows were issued to most of England's men, craftsmen used ash, hazel, and elm instead. They were then protected by wax ( from pine trees) and fine tallow ( fat from animals) while the string made from hemp was soaked in glue. The frame then formed a D shape that gave the bow its distance with the weight/draw length creating accuracy. Other weaponry like the short bow or the crossbow had less distance and penetration making the longbow more suitable for the battlefield. For any longbowman he could easily average around 250 yards while releasing 10-15 arrows per minute. With that power, an arrow can pierce armor at that distance; there were three types points on a 3 foot arrow. The most effect point was the short bodkin. The short bodkin was 1-2 inches long and 1 cm thick with a small cross-section that could pierce armor plates. Unlike the short bodkin, the long bodkin was 4.5 cm long and could only cut...

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