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The Most Unnecessary Revoltuion: The French Revolution

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The French Revolution began in the year of 1789 and ended in the year of 1799. The war occurred in the French territory including Paris. Politics and enlightenment led to a Civil war in France. People started to rebel against the ideas of absolute monarchy, the systems of government, and the leadership. The people of France wanted freedom and equality. The social structure and economy were big factors in why the revolution started. The social structure went by the Estate System which was thought to be highly unfair by the lower class. The Estate System went by how rich you were, meaning, the first was the richest which were the king and queen, second was the nobles and the third were the ...view middle of the document...

The same blood pulses through all our veins, the same heart beats. Yet some men believe that through birth and privilege they stand above everyone else. I don’t believe that. I think that kings have had their day, and the future should be in the hands of the people,” Yann explained. Yann is saying that it is better to not have someone that is in charge, everyone should be equal and have equal powers. In the book, Napoleon relates most to Count Kalliovski because they are both corrupt and are aggressive leaders during the French Revolution.
The unnecessary deaths in the French Revolution were also a major issue. The biggest cause of these unnecessary deaths was because of the Reign of Terror. The Reign of Terror was when a extreme revolutionary group was formed by a man named Robespierre. The group was called Jacobins. The Jacobins took over France, killing anyone who didn’t agree with them. Robespierre came up with a list of “traitors” that he was going to kill off. Sounds a lot like Kalliovski! In fact, in the story, Kalliovski was the same exact way as Robespierre. For example, just like Robespierre, Kalliovski had a “traitors list” too, called the “book of tears”. Like Robespierre, Kalliovski was a revolutionary too, he was very extreme also, he killed many people who didn’t agree with him. Both people also killed their victims by the guillotine.
The social structure were also important factors in why the French Revolution wasn’t...

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