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The Past Three Weeks Essay

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Although the English 1301 was quite short and at a faster pace compared to any of the classes I have taken, it was a bumpy ride getting through it. Bumpy, but a great one. During this course, I learned that, unlike in high school, English classes are not just there as a filler class. In addition, college, not just online learning, has a lot more flexibility than high school classes.
In all honesty, as a high school junior, English classes are blow-off classes, there for me to sit through while waiting for the bell to ring. It was something like an open period, in between all the AP and Dual-Credit classes I take. English was the easiest class to get an A; Having decided to graduate early, I ...view middle of the document...

I have learned the most about writing in the past three weeks than I ever have in any of my full year English courses, learning gradually as I did each major assignment, because of this I believe it was worth all the hard work I put into it. One of the many things that help me better my writing was that we actually focused on the minor details, grammar, mechanics, and MLA format, for a chance. I’ve always been a pretty good ‘big-picture’ writer as it is what gets you good grades in high school English, but I’ve always wanted to focus on the minor details that make a great paper.
I have always been an above average public speaker, quite persuasive too being on the debate team and all. However, I have always found it a struggle to make others understand what I am trying to convey in writing than it is to speak it aloud, this mini-semester has helped me improve greatly on this weak spot of mine. An example of which is the recent analytical essay the class had to write. I am originally a very observant and analytical person, but it was a struggle for me to try to put my analysis into words. I spent the most time on this essay, constantly having to revise and edit. In the...

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