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The Power Of Images: Writing Response Essay

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Images. Even this single word brings up something in our minds right at this very second. What are we thinking of? Pictures perhaps from the search engine Google? Maybe we are thinking of something mystical flying through the air and as beautiful as a bird in the sky. Well what ever we are thinking, we have some sort of “image” in our minds right now. Whether we notice them all the time or not, they are everywhere and its almost undeniably impossible to ignore them.
In J. Francis Davis’s essay, he talks about how important images are and how they came to be. Ever since prehistoric times, images were created in our imaginations just by the storytelling of people. These stories are mans ...view middle of the document...

In actuality, this is making their situation much worse. I believe that “Money can’t buy you happiness.” Even though others may disagree with this quote, money isn’t everything in all reality. What makes money seem important to others is how it’s common use to purchase physical possessions. Yes, money can be a valuable asset in a sense to survive such as buying a house to live in, a car to go to work, as well as other essentials. However, money is not the true key to ultimate happiness. You can find happiness in invaluable relationships with people. Living a life full of happiness can be found without requiring the use of currency such as residing in a supportive community with friends and family.
Another myth that stood out to me the Davis talked about was that our bodies are not good enough. It’s depressing to know that live in a society where there is an expected appearance that everyone must live up to. From “Mr. Tall, dark, and handsome” to “Ms. Universe with a slim and sexy body and a big butt.” The way they look is partly why we feel like we arent good enough for the world. The media nowadays has a huge influence in our lives. Our culture kind of reminds me of “monkey see monkey do,” what we see on the tv is what we should do, what we should eat, or what we should look like. With this much influence and almost control over our minds, they have a the ability to send subconscious messages to our brains telling us that we should be anorexic skinny or super duper buff people. I believe that we are all beautiful people inside and out. Because of the media with its “hot and sexy” images, I used to think that I was not good enough and it...

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