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The Purpose Of War Essay

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Renowned author Napoleon Hill once said, “War grows out of the desire of the individual to gain advantage at the expense of his fellow man.” Ever since the creation of man there has always been conflict and over time that conflict resulted in anger and hostility. War is simply put is basically just a major clash among multiple countries or groups within countries. War can be caused or motivated by the desire for resources, land, and power. It can also be motivated by religion. War can be both armed and unarmed as proven by the “Cold War” between the United States and the Soviet Union in the nineteen sixties’. War involves the interest and motives for both sides involved in the conflict. ...view middle of the document...

Throughout history wars have been used as tools to help settle disputes. Although, it seems at times that rather being used tool for change it is used as a weapon for destruction that breeds hatred, violence, and lies. War is said to have “evolved in conjunction with the political, economic, and societal changes that are modify our world” (Hammes). According to Hammes warfare has four generations. Three of the four being massed manpower, next massed firepower, and then after maneuver. The fourth generation of war, which is modern war, is still evolving. However, the fourth generation of war could be described as the high tech war. In Egypt and Mesopotamia around 3100 BC armies composed of trained soldiers began to take shape (Boot). War as we know was originated in 10,000 BC with the expansion of agricultural societies, which in turn produced wealth population to allow for the creation of specially, designed fortifications and weapons (Boot). Today war in the world and society revolve around mainly struggles with other cultures and ethnic groups. Dramatic advantages in technology have since evolved warfare which has since changed the way wars are fought. In an online debate over the justification of war, professor of economics at George Mason University Bryan Caplan and professor of law at Temple University, Jan Ting, speak about a number of issues related to war. For example, Professor Caplan explains how in today’s modern warfare most times the short run costs of involve losses of innocent lives. Caplan concludes by bringing up the argument that war can only be justified when and if the long run cost overshadow the short run cost. In addition to this, According to an article regarding the cause and conditions of war can be caused, aggravated, inhibited, and triggered Rummel. War can be first cause or triggered by three different factors. It can be cause by opposing interests, significant, individual perceptions and expectations perception of opportunity, threat, or injustice (Rummel). Next it can be aggravated by dissimilarity, cognitive imbalance, and status difference. It can be then inhibited by decentralized or weak state power (Rummel). In an editorial disusing how warfare has changed James M. Dubik discusses how the conduct of war is altered by the tools given in that period of time.
“The stirrup, the longbow, gunpowder, the pocket watch, compasses and accurate maps, motorization, mechanization, the telegraph, railroads, radios, the airplane, nuclear power, the satellite, the computer, the Internet, miniaturization, global media and a host of other technologies—each has had its turn in changing the way war is conducted” (Dubik).
Though sometimes it purposes seem to be debatable, all in all over the many years of this world war has evolved from the simplistic of quailing between another to the mass causalities of people. As technology advances so does the means for new warfare. War now has evolved from the loss of hundreds of...

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