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The Rage In Albion By Cecelia Peters

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Before the ‘The Rage in Albion’ was published Cecelia Peters was already famous with the publication of her first poetry book 'The Muse' which signals a Poetess in the making. It was pleasures reading her new book at one go, as the pages fly by.

The poem is a combination of beauty and poignancy. It is a discovery in a trajectory path of rise and fall of human values and modernity. She is a sole traveler, a traveler apart in a literary romp afresh, tracing the thinning line of time and action.

A voice for voiceless which she finds from nowhere. Rarely a "homeless Man under the Bridge" could arouse such an inspiration to make him one of the most widely read poem of recent times. She tries ...view middle of the document...

It is a fact that her space is permanently occupied by a "man" who refuses to move. She is able to transcend her feministic view point by creating a wholesome portrait of womanhood as a societal role model, a rare competence than limiting it to an issue of man-woman relationship.

While interviewing Cecelia, she explained to me that 'Wrap Me In The Cotton of the Night' it is based on a longing for a true love and the feeling of giving up everything for that special someone and being enwrapped in their love, as in cotton of the night, the dusk, twilight hours when the clouds are fading but look beautiful as cotton, in the night...oh, you've got me going now."

In 'The Mountain' anything is possible and all are equal and of course, "beauty is prevalent" she candidly proclaims. She went to mountains because she wished to reflect, to live deliberately, and to front only the essential facts of life and if she could learn what it had to teach to humanity today.

She has rightly summed up in the Poem ‘Poet You’re Suffering From Metaphor' “you have WORDS in your bones, in your lungs and in your jaw”………”You have adjectives and adverbs oozing out from your every pore" is what Cecelia is, whilst writing from the heart. As Thoreau maintained that "it was more important to live than to make a living."

As Wavell says, her poetry keeps one in perpetual state of dreaming, leaving the deeper springs of feeling and the higher faculties of perception unemployed. This elusiveness is revealed in a series of disconnected impressions, revealed mainly through artistic unity and ambitious poetic beauty.

'I have written many poems,...

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