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The Relationship Between Brett And Jake In The Sun Also Rises

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Without some sort of relationships you and I would not be here today. Obviously, relationships are important and significant things. No doubt that Gordon Korman’s Jake Reinvented does this, which it depicts the story of a high school boy who brings himself, and his peers, into a mess of lie-driven drama. Jake Reinvented accurately portrays the life of a high school teenager today. Many think the theme is people may obsess over one little thing and get lost in something completely unimportant. The book can depict this very well.

The book Jake Reinvented accurately portrays today’s high school teenager life, due to the levels of social ‘coolness’ the collection of diverse people, and the ...view middle of the document...

What Jake’s really after, of course, is Todd’s girlfriend, the über-babe Didi. This is no new craving: two years ago, Didi and Jake attended the same school, when Jake was a geeky brainiac. Now he has utterly reinvented himself, all in the hopes of winning Didi’s affections. Rick, a friend of all the characters, is uniquely positioned to witness the ensuing drama. When I read The Great Gatsby in high school, it made almost no impression on me, its setting and concerns seemed so removed from my life. ”The lousy part is that Didi’s going to want to come every week now that it turns out she knows Jake. There must be some way around it.”(Pg. 44). But Korman has wisely seen that the whole notion of reinventing oneself has huge resonance with young readers. What teenager, especially one who has felt him stranded on the social periphery, has not been beguiled by the possibility of a makeover, a chance to rise to popularity and power? And what teenager isn’t an expert in unrequited love?

Todd is boorish, disloyal, and self-important. “Undeterred by the fact that the object of his heart’s desire is completely unworthy.” Rick, despite his many social connections, is very much alone throughout. “Jake and Jen found a t-shirt that read McKinley math team 2001 and mathletes do it by the number that was about Jake’s size” (pg. 162). Korman parallels the moral dissipation in Gatsby with Jake’s cycle of increasingly drunken and destructive house parties – and Jake’s ultimate downfall at the hands of the people he thought were friends.

The dearth of sympathetic characters, though intentional, makes this a difficult novel to warm to. Rick is the sole possessor of a moral compass, but his narrative voice sometimes suffers from television blandness, not just in the dialogue (which I’m willing to admit may be an accurate depiction of teen talk) but also more critically in the exposition. Witness the novel’s opening...

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