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Unit Essay: The Romance Hero of the Medieval Period
Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur reveals that the ideal medieval hero was not perfect; however, the hero often made many mistakes. These flaws caused the heroes to break the chivalric code, displaying their imperfections. Sir Gawain from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Sir Bors, and Sir Lyonel from Le Morte D’Arthur, were all idealized as medieval heroes. All three of these heroes failed to live up to The Knights Code of Chivalry described in the Song of Roland in some different manner. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain is dishonest to the castle owner for stealing the belt, and he is a coward for flinching when the Green ...view middle of the document...

He chose to save the woman, which condemned his brother to death. This decision could’ve caused him to break one of two codes, those being, to guard the honor of fellow knights, and to respect the honor of women.
Sir Lyonel, Sir Bors’ brother, demonizes his brother out of anger, and without mercy, for saving the noblewoman instead. He sought vengeance on his brother, while breaking the code, to guard the honor of fellow knights. “Sir Lyonel beheaded the hermit.” (Malory 419). “Good brother, for the sake of the love that is between us, I pray you have mercy and do not kill me.” (Malory 419). “Sir, you shall not kill him without first fighting me.” (Malory 420). “So god help me you shall have no mercy” (Malory 420). These quotes show that Sir Lyonel had many chances to stop the quarrel. He learned that he shouldn’t act out of anger and he shouldn’t try to kill one of his own.
Sir Gawain, a knight who is seemingly never in the wrong, breaks a crucial part code during a challenge given to him by the Green Knight. During the game, Sir Gawain fails to give the green belt to the King Bertilak, the castle owner. Failing to do so, he breaks two codes, which are, at...

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