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In high school, my favorite class was Early Childhood Education. In this class, we watched a movie that inspired me to teach children, and give them hope. That movie was called Triumphant and was based on a true story about a teacher named Ron Clark. This movie taught me about class room diversity and to respect and nurture the differences in children to help the reach their full potential.
In the late 1990’s Ron Clark left his hometown elementary school in North Carolina where he is praised for his remarkable teaching and high test scores to teach in Harlem city. Mr. Clark was living in New York for only a few months before he came up on a school where a there was a tussle between two sixth ...view middle of the document...

As the time wore on and the bond with his students grew Mr. Clark was able to teach them in nonconventional ways, and prepared them for the states final exam. His Class not only made the the greatest improvement in the entire school, they scored higher than any class in that school.
Ron Clark preached diversity in his class he also taught the students to respect the diversity of others. In the class that Mr. Clark there was a little girl from India and her entire family moved to New York. While Mr. Clark was meeting the parents of this girl, he quickly realized the culture that she was raised in. While the men of the house hold spoke she was not to speak, and when she is addressed she is not to look the adults in the eye or show that they are equal in any way. Ron Clark had to get the students to understand and respect her culture and her way of life through interactive learning. Mr. Clark was able to show that while that little girl is quite and is left to herself she has abilities and talents all her own. The children began to respect that and actually began to learn from that.
Another way Ron Clark used Diversity in the class room was bay learning...

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