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The Socialization Process And Internalized And Externalized Controls

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1.Contrast internalized and externalized controls and give your definitions of each.
Internalized control of the control of one’s self. Internalized is when children control their own behavior. For instance, internalized comes from a person cultural values. Internalized control focus more on society. Externalized control is based on how a person should behave as a leader. Externalized control is based on social control. For example, Billy is a police officer; Billy is expect to behavior in an appropriate way since he is a police officer. Therefore, Billy should not be misbehaving because he’s an officers.
A definition for internalized control is conducting yourself in a way that is normal to others. For instance, I have to work and go to school in order to be successful in life. This is normal because lots of people work and goes to school. “Internalized control is the process by which an individual controls their own behavior through conformity to norms or standards”(MIBBA Creative Writing).
2.Explain the general tenets of socialization as a process.
Socialization occurs when a child is first born. Children start socialization with the people who are around them first. After, socialization with people like family they then begin to socialize with others. Socialization is different culture to culture. Some cultures believe in individual socialization while others believe in group socialization. Some conflicts might occur when it comes to socialization. First, “one of the right of an individual is the tight to privacy” (Gonzalez-Mena, 2008, p.128). Children should be able to have privacy, but how much privacy do a child need? Privacy is important for children but teachers need to be sure that children are safe.
Another problem that might cause confusion would be language. Some classes help...

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