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The Story Of Code Lyoko Essay

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It all begins in 1974, with an institution called Project Carthage, Project Carthage was a military program designed to block enemy communications, one of it's staff members was a scientist who 20 years later would be working against the project, a family-man who called himself Franz Hopper, his wife dissappeared with unknown circumstances, leaving him with just his 12 Year-Old Daughter, Aelita.

Moving on to June 7th, 1994, Franz's actions against Carthage had caught the attention of the FBI and such, forced to flee to his laboratory in an abandoned factory, Franz revealed to his daughter his work, a SuperComputer several years in development, and decades ahead of it's time, containing a Virtual Sanctuary called "Lyoko", armed with potent and aggressive Artificial Intellegence, Franz created The SuperComputer, Lyoko and last of all, X.A.N.A., to destroy Carthage, using hardware known as Scanners, Franz and ...view middle of the document...

As a team, these 5 friends stood together for over 2 years, Fighting X.A.N.A. and bring Aelita, believed to be an A.I., into reality, after victories and defeats on both sides, the truth is revealed, that she was once human, and her father was Creator and Prisoner of X.A.N.A., but before action could be taken, X.A.N.A. stole vital command codes from Aelita, broke his bonds, and escaped into the Internet.

Pressed into a cold war against X.A.N.A., the team began to weaken under his newfound strength, as he returned to destroy Lyoko, along with they're ability to track and fight him, with the odds stacked against them, the team decided to recruit a 5th Member, and chose fellow student William Dunbar, who was thrown in to the fight without any training, cocky and inexperienced, William was possesed by X.A.N.A., and he used his newfound puppet to destroy Lyoko.

Thankfully, Franz sent ot a Data Burst before disappearing with X.A.N.A., with that, Jeremie was able to reconstruct Lyoko, and improve the gang's weaponry, X.A.N.A. used William as his puppet to fight against the Lyoko Warriors, and the Digital War began again, the stakes tipped against the team, and the fate of to worlds hanging in the balance...

Earth, the world where we reside, and Lyoko, A World Without Danger...

Nearing the end, X.A.N.A. used clones of sectors, called "Replikas" by the Lyoko Warriors, and Jeremie developed a program that they could use to translate they're powers into the real world, to destroy the SuperComputers that supported X.A.N.A.'s Replikas, and created the Skidbladnir, a digital ship named by Aelita do they could traverse the Digital Sea unharmed, all the while, X.A.N.A. was developing a gigantic creature called the Kolosuss, in hopes of finally winning against the Lyoko Warriors...

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