The Teacher Walks Around The Playground Contently Watching The Students

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The teacher walks around the playground contently watching the students get some physical exercise in between learning. She sees all the children are getting along nicely, playing on the swings, running around, and playing tag, until a young boy approaches two girls by the swings. The young boy verbally threatens the girls to leave so he could swing or else he would push them off. This is a case of relational and overt aggression and is a problem in our preschools today, which is why researchers are investigating to gain knowledge in this area to try to solve the problem. Relational and Overt Aggression is an important social issue as it is a factor in the detection of a child's difficulty in adjustment early in life.The reason studies like this one are important is because they provide us with evidence that relationally aggressive behaviors are highly aversive and damaging to children in preschool. (Crick, N. and Casas, J. Relational and Overt Aggression in Preschool, 1997) This evidence is important to have because it contributes to the study of the whole child and his/her early development. An understanding of these important early years in life and the impact different experiences have on a young child will also help us understand their behavior as they grow and develop. If researchers are able to detect difficulties in a child's social behavior, and they are able to provide some intervention during these years, it may prevent social adjustment problems such as excessive kicking and verbal threats in later years. Children in preschool programs spend much of their time learning to interact with their peers. The article shows that some of these interactions result in aggressive behaviors. It is important to look at these behaviors to determine causes as well as the impact it has on their development.According to the article, the main goal of the study is to develop reliable measures of relational aggression for young children and to utilize these tools to address several important issues. (Crick and Casas) Issues such as solving acts of aggression and saving peer relationships. In other words, the study is trying to measure aggression in the behaviors of preschool children so they may determine the cause, the...

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