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The Thing On The Stick Essay

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The Thing on the Stick
What would happen if a group of school boys were stranded on an island, with no adults? What would they do? These are some of the questions posed in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, where a group of British school boys are stranded on a small, deserted island, and where order slowly breaks down into chaos and savagery. Even though the movie adaption of Lord of the Flies changes many elements of the story, they both still demonstrate the same theme of evil in human nature.
In the book, there is a scene where Simon is speaking to the Lord of the Flies, who is actually a pig’s head stuck on a stake, and it tells him that he is the evil inside of them all, and he is ...view middle of the document...

This encounter tells the reader how evil is inside everyone, and how people must confront that evil, as Simon did, and they must choose a path, to obey the darkness, or do what is right.
In the movie, the pilot of the plane is injured, and the boys are discussing killing him or tying him up, because they are scared of him. The pilot received a severe head injury when the plane went down, and has been unconscious for a long while. The boys are scared of him for reasons unknown, and Simon is the only one that can go near him. “A little’un said ‘I'm scared of him, He's crazy.’ ‘We've got to do something,’ Ralph responded, ‘Maybe we should tie him down.’ Jack spoke now, ‘that or get rid of him.’ Another child spoke, ‘Come on. He's hurt bad and he has a fever. We've got to take care of him.’ ‘Why bother?’ Said Roger; ‘He isn’t going to make it. We've got to take care of ourselves.’ This was followed by a murmur of agreement.” This scene is particularly important because the boys are presented with a defenseless person, who they are scared of, and thinking of restraining him or killing him. Even Ralph, who is supposed to be the fair leader, wants to restrain him, and Jack and Roger want to kill him, to which Ralph offers no opposition. This reveals evil because they are thinking about murder for the unsubstantial reason that they have negative feelings for him, and that the pilot is subconsciously reluctant to have the boys near him. The pilot doesn’t want other boys near him because he somehow knows they dislike him, and have evil inside of them, but it is Simon, who is the representation of goodness, that he will let go near him. This quote really establishes how, when people don’t like something, or are scared of it, their first instinct is to remove it, even if it is one of their fellow man.
As both the book and movie go on, the conditions of the “society” the boys have created gets steadily worse, until it results in the final confrontation, in which Ralph is hunted by everyone left alive on the island. In the beginning, Ralph and Jack are friends, and it is a very happy group, in which everyone looks up to Ralph and respects his rules, but things steadily go bad, and Jack eventually forms his own group, who murder Simon and Piggy, and results in a hunt for ralph in which they...

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