The Three Phases Of The French Revolution

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History through out time has maintained a cause-and-effect pattern with almost all major events; the French Revolution being no different. The philosophes influenced the French society by giving all the estates a chance to be educated by their works. Some of these works also made it to the colonies in American and influenced them enough to bring out an uprising against England in 1775. During America’s battle for independence, French aid was sent, including the leadership of Lafayette, who brought positive ideas of liberty and justice back to France after America gained its freedom. The monarchy of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and their incompetence led to inflated prices, growing population, decreased salaries, and overall a decline in France’s money in general. In addition, Marie Antoinette’s spending on lavish yet unnecessary items set France further into debt. Anger of peasants came about because of France’s social ranks and privileges were quite unfair. For example, the second estate had no taille tax, while the third estate was the largest and possessed the highest taxes. The Enlightenment, the American Revolution of 1775 through 1783, and France’s political, social, and economic state in the years before the outbreaks of revolts, all acted as stimuli to the anger of France’s citizens. This anger brought about the three major phases of the French Revolution: the uprisings of peasants such as the Storming of Bastille, the Red Terror which resulted in many unjust deaths, and the Thermidorean Reaction in which the Committee of Public Safety lost its power.
The incompetence of the monarchs led the French government in great desperation, and out of this desperation, France was forced to call the first Estates-General meeting since 1614. During the meeting of the Estates-General, the third estate was locked out the meeting, and in response, they broke away from the Estates-General and became to National Assembly by the Tennis Court Oath, being the first official act of the Revolution. Since the third estate had technically no right to alter to the political makeup of France, King Louis XVI threatened to dissolve the National Assembly, using force if needed. The common people then, in response to the king’s threats, rose in many riots including the Storming of Bastille. Bastille was a prison which only was home to seven prisoners, including two insane people, and therefore, it was an easy target for the third estate to attack to gain gun powder. The citizens who tore down the prison had to fight off the troops lined along a path from Paris to Versailles. The success of the Storming of Bastille resulted in the survival of the National Assembly and the collapse of the royal authority. Later that year, the women of Paris took a stand against the monarchy with the March to Versailles. These women were mothers of starving children who needed an affordable way to help their children survive. To fix the problem, they went straight to the source, King...

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