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Imagine a community filled with over 4,000 disabled or immobilized citizens. Just one physical therapist treats just around that number of patients each year (Canale,Terry S). It is very clear that physical therapists play a crucial role in our society. A physical therapist is my dream job because you can specialize in a wide variety of specialties, the enjoyment of job security, and getting the opportunity to make a difference.
Being a physical therapist allows for a wide range of specialties along with a flexible yet busy schedule. There are five main types of therapy that most therapists will specialize in; orthopedic, geriatric, neurological, pediatric, and cardiovascular/pulmonary rehabilitation. Each one of these focuses on a specific part of the human body. There is a minimum amount of jobs that allow for the people to decide exactly what they want to become an expert in. With there being so many options to pick from it is almost guaranteed to find at least one area that is enjoyable to work in. Most physical therapists have somewhat of a flexible schedule. They always have the chance to move around by working at different locations day to day, and/or frequently seeing new patients. When always on the go, therapists may get the chance for a break, either when while in the car going to a new location or just switching in between patients. This allows for at some lax time to take a rest and refresh the mind, because with a schedule like this it is always occupied. Constantly dealing with new issues and new surroundings is good for anyone’s health, and also keeps them engaged in what they are doing. Not only that, but keeping busy helps their physical shape as well. A physical therapist’s schedule comes with many perks, but the job also comes with satisfaction of knowing you will have a job.
Many American jobs that used to exist, no longer do, which leaves many unemployed. Luckily for a physical therapist they have the enjoyment of job security. Currently the workforce is aging day by day. It is predicted that by 2020, nearly half of all registered nurses will reach traditional retirement age. Currently the average age of a nurse is 50 years old. (“The Aging Workforce.”) That is just one example that shows our population is aging out of numerous. With an older age workforce more physical problems will arise due to aging, which gives physical therapists a large demand....

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