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The Weirdest Dream Essay

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   The one thing that is even worse than an oversleeping headache certainly is having dreams. It makes people feel like they didn’t sleep at all, and tired because of sleeping while they should be resting for another busy day, well, at least that’s how I feel. Some people even waste time trying to figure out what their dream means, as if it can tell them the future, which is absolutely nonsense. Bad dream or good dream, it’s just not my thing, and I’m definitely not a dream-recording type of person, but exceptions can happen. There is a dream of mine that is worth writing down in case I may forget it in the next a few minutes since the memory had already started blurring.
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Just as an ancient saying goes, the thinking during the day would cause the dreaming during the night.
   However, the last thing I would think about appeared in my dream that night, in the weirdest way. I still remembered clearly that relief I felt when I truly woke up, and I was so glad that it was just a dream.
   I found myself sitting beside a desk. All the things around me were in black and white, just like old movies, and it was not my bedroom, neither my dormitory. I was in a small room that was completely empty except a desk and a chair, the walls were all pure white, the ceiling and the floor were black. I walked around for a few minutes, trying to find a door, but there was no door. The walls were flawless, so clean and without even a crack. This is weird. I didn’t have claustrophobia, but being trapped in a room without doors certainly could horrified basically anyone. I pushed the walls randomly, thought maybe there was a button or something like that would open a secret tunnel. No, what am I thinking? It’s not a movie! Don’t be so dramatic, maybe the door is just hidden somewhere. I rubbed my eyes. Why everything is so vague?
   “ You forgot to put on your spectacles.” A tiny voice popped out from nowhere.
   I was shocked. Yes I forgot my glasses but I’m not blind, I’m one hundred percent sure that there is no one else in this room. “ Who is there? ”
   “You can have a guess.”
   I looked around, there was no one. “Look, this isn’t funny. Whoever you are, it doesn’t scare me at all. Your trick won’t work. ” I am scared, but there is no need to let it know.
   “ It is not a trick.” it said with sad voice. “ We have known each other for a long time, and I’m here to say goodbye.”
   For a long time? I searched my memories, but this voice was not familiar at all. And I didn’t like this “game”. Was it lying? I stayed where I was and dared not move a single step.
   “ I am not lying.”
   “ You can read my mind? ” OK, that is really creepy. I leaned on the wall, like if I tried hard enough I could go through it and get away. I started sweating and it was not good, not good at all.
   “ Actually, no, I just know you too well.” It said. “ Look down. I’m right here.”
   A pen. My pen. There was nothing else on the ground except an old dirty pen covered with dust. You got to be kidding me. “So, you’re a pen? A pen is talking to me, right now?”
   “Yes.” It chuckled.
   Can a pen chuckle? I had used that pen for a few years, I hadn’t even seen it smile. How did a pen smile anyway? It didn’t even have a mouth. Oh my God I am crazy. I tried my best not to scream. First this room, then this talking pen, if I’m not dreaming, I’m certainly mad.
   “Please don’t panic. It’s just a dream. In real life I’m still just a normal pen, and it’s probably the last time you see me.” It sounded old, and tired. “I’m dying, as you can see. Short in your human’s eyes, but quite a long life as my kind, so there is no need to feel sorry for me. Everything has...

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