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The Things They Carried Tim O'brien Study Notes About "In The Field" Includes Details About The Plot, Characters, Themes, Key Quotes And Links To Other Stories

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In The FieldPlot:*The soldiers search for the body of Kiowa in the "shit field."*Jimmy Cross blames himself, wonders where he went wrong and writes a letter in his head to Kiowa's father.*A young soldier, presumably Tim though un-named, searches for the picture of his ex-girlfriend.*Kiowa is found and proves very difficult to dig out on the field.Characters:Jimmy Cross: - not a good leader -> he just followed orders and camped in the field when he could have moved the company to higher, and safer, ground.- cannot stick to his resolutions -> at the beginning of the chapter he is motivated by Kiowa's death to start being a better Lieutenant but by the end of the chapter he is day-dreaming again.- holds the blame of Kiowa's death and excepts it "My own fault..." (168)- doesn't want the responsibility given to him. "He had never wanted it." (167)- lacks motivation in his duties until something bad happens.Themes:The cost of war: - Kiowa was killed.- Tim lost his girlfriend (and her photo.)The nature of war: - made the men happy that they were alive and that some one else was dead instead of them.Burdens: - the burden of blame -> Jimmy and Tim blame themselves for Kiowa's death. -> Mitchell Sander's blames Jimmy. -> Norman Bowker blamed no-one.- the burden of responsibility -> Jimmy carries this although he doesn't want to.- the burden of guilt -> Azar felt guilty when he saw Kiowa's body -> Jimmy felt guilty for all of the events that led to Kiowa's death. -> Tim felt guilty for flashing his torch; he likened it to murder.Coping: - Azar copes with Kiowa's death by making jokes (black humour.) Eg: "Wasted in waste..." (165)- Sanders copes with Kiowa's death by finding someone to blame, Jimmy. Eg: "Man...

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The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien

1115 words - 4 pages The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien “The Things They Carried” was a story about soldiers caught in the confusion of the Vietnam War. There are a lot of apparent themes that are dealt with when writing a story about war, especially about death. I enjoyed reading this story; however there were some things about it that I was concerned about. I would like to discuss the author’s style of writing, his meaning of the title “The Things They

The Things They Carried - Tim O'brien

883 words - 4 pages times of need. These times of need are the reason why these men turned to superstition and other beliefs. O'Brien tells us that the things they carried were "largely determined by necessity." (960) the fact that these belongings were necessities tells us that these items were indispensable, irreplaceable, imperative requirements, mandatory for existence. In the context of the story, necessity runs a gamut from marijuana and tranquilizers, to

The Things They Carried by Tim O'brien

1826 words - 7 pages upsetting his father, and “people sitting around a table at the old Gobbler Café on Main Street” (O’Brien, 43). It was a decision rooted in the opinions of others, and his choice to fight shows his insecurity. Regardless, he goes. His experiences there would shape the rest of his life; perhaps the best evidence of this is The Things They Carried. He is unable to reconcile his actions in Vietnam, and instead writes about them therapeutically. He

The Things They Carried, by Tim O'Brien

1114 words - 4 pages In retrospect chapter one demonstrates how Tim O’Brien and the other soldiers were influenced by the Vietnam War, many of the soldiers had to face the burdens of war, the lost of innocents and the sexual yearning for women. One of the fundamental themes introduced in the first few pages of the novel was the burdens many of soldiers encounter during the war. The soldiers in the novel carried some remarkably heavy physical and emotional

The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien

1500 words - 6 pages , will travel.” Dobbins replies, “I don’t see no moral” and tells Mitchell to “fuck off”. (631) The story moves on with somewhat of a climax, but as Catherine Calloway states in her, How to tell a true war story: Metafiction in The Things They Carried, O’Brien’s stories, “sometimes are abandoned, only to be continued pages or chapter later. At other times, the narrator begins to tell a story, only to have another character finish the tale.” “The

The Truth Within: "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien

699 words - 3 pages do, I guess, is make things present."(180)Talking about the war stories in the manner O'Brien does, even if they are not true, was a way of saving the soldiers lives and keeping the dead alive as well. By telling stories about the soldiers that died, was their way of not dealing with the loss and keeping their spirits alive. They would tell stories to each other about a certain soldier who had died, but the story they would tell was like if that

"The Things They Carried" by Tim O'brien (analysis paper)

821 words - 3 pages in the war. But the Viet Nam War in The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien was totally different. We don't see any honor, any glory in it but all we see is people getting killed, innocence replaced by cruelness and soldiers destroying themselves after the war. This book helps us understand better the other side of the war that only the people who served in it know enough to talk about it.

Overview: The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien

1932 words - 8 pages day they die. But just like O’Brien said the Vietnam War continues to be alive through the stories and experiences that these men returned home with. Works Cited • O'Brien, Tim. The Things They Carried. London: Flamingo, 1991. Print. • SparkNotes. SparkNotes, n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2014.

Women and Their Role in The Things They Carried by Tim O'brien

1134 words - 5 pages , Kathleen and Linda. They were essential in showing the key parts in O’Brien’s life that lead to the turning points which lead to the creation of this novel and his ability to be at peace with what had happened in Vietnam. He finally accepted what ad happened and embraced it instead of avoiding it. Works Cited Novel O'Brien, Tim. The Things They Carried. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin, 1990.Print.

Physical And Emotional Burdens Carried. The Things They Carried. -Tim O'Brien

824 words - 4 pages physical items. They have things that always stay with them like emotional and figurative things. Throughout the novel, O'Brien goes back to the theme of things carried, whether that be in necessities, superstitious items, or emotional burdens.O'Brien uses the first chapter to explain, in detail, the physical things that the men carried. He tells of how the men take their, "compass, maps, code books," (O'Brien 5) along with "the M-60, M-16, M-79

"The Weight of the Things Carried" Book: "The Things They Carried" Author: Tim O'Brien

1168 words - 5 pages In the book titled, The Things They Carried, the author, Tim O' Brien, depicts a world where traumatic memories and crushing emotional baggage are far heavier than any combat pack or assortment of weapons that has ever burdened the back of a soldier. The author, O'Brien, explores the physical and emotional burdens that the soldiers of the Vietnam War "hump" or carry with them. The author portrays the things the soldiers carry throughout the

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1182 words - 5 pages Tim O'Brien, author and veteran, covers several multiple in his novel The Things They Carried. The book bases itself on the psychological strain caused by the stress and conflicting interests in the war. O'Brien wants us to see what he's afraid to look back at. Story truth is his way of facing the confronting the past and admitting his responsibility in it. O'Brien tells his stories from a constant gush of memories. Emotions and morals are among

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1913 words - 8 pages interesting. Tim uses the aptly names character of Tim O’Brien to express the connections of himself and his character namesake. Over the course of the many short stories in The Things They Carried O’Brien directly and indirectly compares many important aspects of his own life such as his childhood and family life, his military experiences and his love of education to that of his character Tim O’Brien. Tim O’Brien lived a happy life with his

The Things They Carried By Tim O'brien

1497 words - 6 pages Tim O’Brien wrote the novel The Things They Carried in 1990, twenty years after the war in Vietnam.In the novel,Obrien takes us through the life of many soliders by telling stories that do not go in chronical order. In doing so we get to see the physical and mental things the soldiers carry throughout the war in Vietnam.Yet the novel is more than just a description of a particular war. In the things they carried Tim O’Brien develops the

"The Things They Carried," By Tim O'brien

654 words - 3 pages THE THINGS THEY CARRIEDIn his book "The Things They Carried," Tim O'Brien describes a group of soldiers marching through Vietnam. He does this by describing the items that each of them carries with him during the march. The things that the soldiers carry with them are both tangible and intangible items and what these things are depends upon the individual soldier. They carry the basic necessities for survival and the bare minimum to make life as