This Essay Is About Racism's Effects On Children In America.

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Racism is any attitude, action, or institutional structure or any social policy that subordinates persons or groups because of their color. Racism in America has reached an ultimate stance where Blacks in America cannot tolerate being discriminated against anymore. A Black person goes into a predominately white restaurant is probably going to get rude stares from everyone else in the restaurant. Everywhere Blacks go they are looked at in a spiteful way. In the United States, it is the White people who have the tools and hold the power to influence, mistreat, invalidate, and oppress other groups. As a result, racism in the United States must be viewed as a white problem because it is White people who are mostly responsible for the oppression of people of color, and therefore they are responsible for making the changes. Educated African Americans have the willpower and the right to be as successful as any White person, but they are victimized against because White people believe they don't have any chances in life. Poverty and hunger are issues that are increasing for Black children and everyday day they die because they don't have access to a hospital. Black children suffer unreasonably from downward trends in the economy and from the lack of commitment toward alleviating problems in health, education, housing, and employment.More than half of all Black children are born to single parent families. The great majority of Black children living in other than a two-parent family live with their mothers. Black children are four times as likely to live with only one parent and five times as likely to live with neither parent as their white counterparts. In 1982, 81.9% of Black children who did not live with both parents lived with their mothers; 14.5% lived with neither parent (often living with another relative); and only 3.6% lived with their fathers. In 1981, 23.9% of single Black female parents were awarded child support, but only 16.0% received it. These rates are less than half for those of similarly placed white women. Black children under 6 years of age are more likely to have their mothers working longer hours: an average of 37.8% more hours per year. Black mothers also earn less money. In 1982 the median income of Black families with children under 6 with working mothers was only two-thirds that of similar white families. As a result, young black children are...

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