This Is Essay For Organizational Behavior About Pepsi Company I Did It Myself

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Organizational & behaviour Non-profit organization: The Coca Cola Company


The Coca-Cola Company is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer
and distributor of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups.
Along with Coca Cola, the world's best known brand, The Coca Cola
Company markets four of the world's top-five soft drink brands,
including Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite. Throughout the world, no other
brand is an immediately recognizable as Coca Cola. With operations in
more than 200 countries, a diverse workforce comprised of ...view middle of the document...

To handle
the enormous capacity of its business, the Coca Cola Company has
divided up into six operating units: Middle and Far East Groups,
Europe, The Latin America Group, The North America, The Africa Group
and The Minute Maid Company. The Head Quarters is situated in the
United States. The country that I'm going to be concentrating on is
the United Kingdom and how the company works in the U.K.

Coca Cola's Ownership
The Coca Cola Company is a public limited company (plc). They offer
shares to the general public through the company. It is mainly larger
companies such as Coca Cola that are public limited companies.

The advantages of a public limited company are:

* Shareholders have limited liability

* The sale of shares enables larger sums of money to be raised

* While the company has this money permanently, the individual
owners can recoup their money by selling their shares to others

* Directors may be brought in as experts in certain fields

* Produce goods at lower unit cost

* Due to their size they can benefit from economies of scale, e.g.
bulk buying, cheaper borrowing

The disadvantages of a public limited company are:

� There are a number of legal requirements to fulfill in setting up a

� Regulations mean that a company is more expensive to set up than a
sole trader or partnership, although the cost may be as little as
�100, and some already registered companies can be bought off the peg

� The accounting of a company is less private than for other forms of

� The company could become to large resulting in poor labour relations

� There could be a conflict of interest between shareholders and the
Board of Directors

� Possibility of takeover or merger because shares can be bought by

Coca Cola also have limited liability as they are a public limited
company. A limited company is owned by its shareholders. There is no
legal maximum to the number of shareholders. There are two forms of
Limited Liability Company in the UK, the Private Limited Company (Ltd)
and the Public Limited Company (Plc). The essential difference,
between the two, is that the Private Limited Company can not legally
offers its shares to the general 'public', therefore this form of
company is usually associated with family run businesses. Whilst the
Public Limited Company can sell its shares to the general public on
the Stock Exchange, providing the potential for far greater finances
to be raised.

The owners of a limited company are referred to as its members, or
shareholders. An individual can become an owner of the business by
purchasing shares in that business. When the profits of the business
are distributed to shareholders, they are distributed in the form of a
dividend. The value of the dividend is decided upon not by the owners,
but by the Directors of the business.

Some shareholders had invested their life savings and not only lost
their money, but their homes, limited...

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