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This Just In: New Scientific Experiment Reveals The Key To Self Fulfillment

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According to a recent study conducted by Harvard’s graduate school of psychology, eating a chocolate bar isn’t the key to happiness— hugging a tree is. The distinguished psychologists leading the study chose to employ PET scans to depict when different areas of the brain were stimulated; their findings were unprecedented to the psychology community. When asked prosaic questions about everyday life, the PET scans of test subjects illustrated minimal brain stimulation. Naturally, when participants were assessed with more complex questions, more brain regions on the scans illuminated. However one category of questions referring to environmentalist ideals caused a startling spike in brain activity in most of the subjects’ frontal lobes.
At first, the experimenters were left dumbfounded by these results, but once the tests were repeated until the team had a plethora of data sets, all affirming the original results, the theory that these results might’ve been just coincidental was abandoned. After analysis, the experimenters concluded the question topics that caused the most frontal lobe activity were: hybrid cars, endangered species, and urban developments. As stated by the researching team, “the frontal lobe is associated with producing the feelings of disgust and self-satisfaction…our participants apparently perceived both of these feelings when asked questions about environmentalists versus traditionalists.” For example, when asked whether her car, a 2012 Pious—I mean Prius, was environmentally friendly, one woman by the name of Sunshine Meadows hastily and ardently responded with a yes, and respectively, her frontal lobe momentarily glowed like a firefly in the middle of July. The designated observer stationed behind a one-way mirror next to the questioning booth made a side note that subject Meadows’...

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