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Through Black Spruce Essay

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The novel Through Black Spruce is an incredible book that shows the real truth and real life scenario of the First Nation community across Canada, it shows the real hardship and struggles the community faces every day and how they overcome it. The presence of the symbolism does give the novel a whole new meaning to it, the symbolism of beaver representing family and how they stick together, this shows Will bird a bush pilot in the novel, his struggles. The symbol of a bear portrays protection and love, proving once again the hardships the characters face throughout the novel and seeking for protection. While the symbol of Gosse represents seeking freedom, taking on a long journey, and ...view middle of the document...

Beavers on the other hand do the same thing they rely on each other when they build their dams or gathering food. The people in Will’s life do the same thing they look up for him make sure he is doing fine and share a drink with him. If he ever needs something they will gladly do it for him without questioning. Moreover, the quote “As children, we see the world as a mystery, but a mystery that will reveal itself to us day by day” (Boyden, 65). This quote explains that children need a family to grow up with a family that will motivate them and one that will catch the child when he falls. When children’s do not grow in family they don’t really learn anything, they tend to rebel people and cause anger and mischief. In life there are many obstacles that come across and sometimes you need an extra hand to battle those obstacles and challenges. Having a family that leads you is always a good thing, thus we should look out for each other in the family. Another example how beaver’s is self-reflection of the character’s struggles is when Annie is trapping beaver’s with Gordon, but she feels regretful and guilty of doing it. However, Gordon shows her the right way tells her that they are only taking what they need to survive. From Annie’s struggle one can see that she cannot make herself kill an animal because it is just not fit for her and she has never done it before. However, she must kill the beavers because it is the only way they can live or else they might not make it through the winter. This reflects to ones self that without family looking after each other to back up each other when needed or to help one decide what is wrong or right one will be hopeless and with no guidance where to go. Thus the symbol of beaver shows to the reader the struggles the characters are facing and through their struggles it can help them understand their own selves.
The symbol of bear in Through Black Spruce expresses protection and love, which both of the main characters; Will bird and Annie seek. Will bird the character in the novel comes across two bears both with different encounters, however their sole purpose in will’s life was to protect Will from Marius and his gang. When the first bear is present and near will, Marius and his gang do not attempt to attack Will or try to kill him. Because the gang fears from the Bear and Will has become a very good friend of that mother bear, he provides food for her while she guards her against any threats from the gang. Unfortunately the mother bear is killed by the gang later in the novel to send a message to will that he should really be afraid of Marius, and nothing can protect you from him. This shows that the bear in Will’s life is there for protection and provides cover for Will from the gang. The struggle and hardship seen in Will tells the reader that we always have someone watching over us and we should have someone watching and protecting us. Furthermore, in Annie’s life the bear is also present and provides...

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