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When most people around the globe think of Americans, they presume that we all are fat, rude, stereotypical, and other negative ideals. This may be true for a portion of America, but not every American is like that. With that said, there are Americans who care for others and truly work hard for what they have. Not everyone can be like them, however. Every person was made differently and has different viewpoints on the world. For example, one might think that money and fame is the most important thing in the world whereas another might think that family and friends are the most important. In general, Americans are inclined to be independent, greedy and/or creative.
Independence. This is how America started. We fought for our independence from England and won. Since then, just about everyone is dreaming of independence--whether it be from a parent or a boss. Citizens yearn for the "American Dream;" they want to ...view middle of the document...

Not every greedy person is gruesome. Others take a less morbid approach, just stomping and using anyone that could benefit them to get whatever it is that they are searching for. In my experience and the years that I've lived in this country, I can proudly say that I've never met anyone like this. I have, however, seen many on TV. Not just in movies, but on the news as well. There are more of those who care for one another than those who care for themselves, or at the very least, they even each other out.
There are many creative citizens in the United States. Those who write, who act, paint, draw, or just create. Many people would agree that we make rather good movies, if not the best. America is in the top ten of the most movies produced. American writers have wrote more than a few handfuls of best sellers. I would like to thank Joss Whedon for writing and creating shows that have entertained me that past few years. I would also like to thank James Patterson and Becca Fitzpatrick for writing books that has stratified my hunger for Literature. We should also thank the geniuses that provide us with electronics for example, Bill Gates. Or think of the deceased and thank Thomas Edison for the light bulb and Henry Ford for the first automobile. It's amazing what the past Americans have done. It could make one think, what is in store for the future inventors?
Yes, I cannot deny that there are negative factors about Americans, but I also can't deny that there aren't any positive factors to balance it all out. You can't judge every American on one stereo type. It's hard not to, and I understand this. It doesn't hurt to try though. Everyone has a different opinion about what an American is and whether or not we are all the same. For those of who believe we are all the same, I'd have to beg to differ. Not everyone is generous, but not everyone is greedy either. Just like our DNA, we are all different. Everyone is special and has a purpose in life, it doesn't mean everyone fulfills it. Being American symbolizes freedom, that many people take for granted. Do you?

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