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Torture And Death Essay

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In his "International Herald Tribune" essay "Torture and Death," published on Wednesday, November 27, Nicholas D. Kristof reports that there have been violations of human rights in China. He explains how fundamental human rights like religion were denied to Christians and members of the Falun Gong sect. These violations were so cruel that many times the last act was homicide. I think that two of the main human rights, the right to religion and to life, should be granted to every human being. In this essay I will argue in favor of Mr. Kristof's essay and I will show that the right of choosing religion is a fundamental right.From 1998 to 2001, 60,000 Chinese were killed. They were either executed or shot by police while fleeing. This suggests that 95 percent of world's executions take place in China! The thing that most touched me is the way they tortured unprotected people whose only fault was to believe in God.As she was being battered in one room, her son was tortured in the next so that each could hear the other's screams, as encouragement to betray their church."They wanted me to hear his cries," she said, sobbing. "It broke my heart."This quote is taken from the essay "Torture and death" by Nicolas Kristof that describes the tortures of Ma Yuqin and her son. Ma Yuqin, a steel-willed woman of 54, was brave enough to tell her story of the persecution that Christians still face in China.The Catholic Church in China has reemerged with astonishing vitality in recent years. This revival is related to the larger issue of the changing structure of Chinese society, particularly to its implications for the development of...

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