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Meeting came across with a very casual feel, nothing occurred that created some formal precession amongst the board members. Board seemed to be very willing and able to work together.
There seemed to be confusion about the Item 3 Consent Agenda. Due to some questions pertaining to parts c,d,e those items were quickly removed from the agenda. 3a - 3b stayed in play. - Motion to approve - motion carries. This meeting has a feeling of running very smoothly and streamlined approach.
By taking a new public management approach the board continues look towards consultant agreements in order to accomplish being much more efficient. (Box, 2009 pg. 185) The consultant agreement pertaining to the ...view middle of the document...

Libby at this point cracks a small joke about making people happy in a Madisonian manner. This joking is relevant to special interest groups since the condominium development is their own community. Being a voiced community they are not in danger of bring taken care of by local government (Box, 2009 pg.113)
Moving onto a consideration request of the Terra Contract operations yard. They were looking to make a uniform zoning so they can continue to use the property as they currently are. This is a 12-acre piece land near West Michigan and Drake Road. Terra Contract does many projects with the township, county, and state of Michigan so it easy to see why this passes quickly. Terra Contract is clearly related to the New Public Management theory since they are such an integral in cutting the overall cost of projects to the state. (Box, 2009 pg.185)
Costco Store - Small Parcel was missed for rezoning - 10ft x 434" of zoning - attempting to make consistent w/ surrounding properties. Zoning of majority rules. Still trying to rezoning and make it clears about the use of it.
National road assessments have made a need for walkways to be installed along West Michigan in order to make arterial functions for residences easier than they currently are. This national classification is brought down to the local level so it can be put to work. This has to be done efficiently therefore at the moment they have estimated that it will cost around $25 per square foot of walkway. Since this was a...

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