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Would you as a producer be able to answer the question or even look up the question; if someone looks at one of your cows and asked what her last calf weaned at? Most cow/calf producers wouldn’t. With today’s technology and mandatory traceability law for beef producers, we as a whole industry should be able to tell and track each individual cow. How productive is she? Why is she so skinny? Is she putting everything she has into her calf? Are we over feeding certain cows? With new technology at our finger tips we can wean out the free loaders on our farm and have a more productive herd, with average weaning weights.
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If your calves wean at a smaller weight it cost more for the feed lot to feed. Which leads to them not paying as much for calves. If you have better weaning weights and better genetics; calves with finish and cost less to finish for feed lot operations. Many articles have claimed this in the westerner producer.
Solutions to this would be to better manage your cow/calf operation. Upgrade your handling facility so you can weigh all your calves at weaning. So you can see what cows are producing a good calf and what cows are free loaders. Have a bullet proof tagging system so you know what cows is what and what calf is hers. With new technology like tru-test, there’s no such thing as paper and pen. Purchase the tru-test products and apply them to your farm. They have RFID tag readers. So when a cow steps on the scale it takes her weight and will tell you how many calves she has had and what they weaned at. At calving time put all your RFID tags in your calves and cross reference them with the dam. Then at weaning time when they step on the scale and you wand it into the program it automatically puts the weaning weight with the dam. Tru-test technology...

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