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It is estimated that more than two million people around the world are being trafficked every year, the most of whom are unfortunately females. Since the past, gender inequality and unfairness existed. Many parents think that if they have a daughter, they have a bigger responsibility than having a son. Some parents treat their daughters so harshly and miserably because they don’t want others to say that they weren’t raised well by their parents. There should definitely be more attention on the extent of trafficking females. There should definitely be rules and punishments for those who sell their daughters to men without their agreement too. Some of the girls are too young to understand that ...view middle of the document...

Trafficking of women and girls for the desire of sexual abuse is worldwide problem. Those families that are easily selling their daughters need money to live and have shelter. They might not care about their daughters’ future, education and lives. Yet, they do care about their lives and how they want to live happily by simply selling their daughters just for money. Many of those who sell women and girls do not know that there might be terrible effects on them like drug addiction, unintended pregnancy, diseases, malnutrition, and sometimes death. It is extremely oppressive business where profit defeats human rights.
Secondly, there are parents that traffic their daughters because of gender bias. Some people get ashamed when they get girls. This is most probably because they don’t want girls since they don’t actually like girls, although having a baby is known of being a gift from god. Measures of fathers prefer having sons who will their legacy when they grow older and when their wives get pregnant with girls, they dislike the girls and don’t give them their rights. On the other hand, parents should appreciate this precious, pure gift and give their lives to protect them. This is obviously a miserable idea. Some parents also think that girls are much harder to raise than boys, and are only easy when they are young. They believe that when the girls grow up, she might let them get a bad reputation if she did something wrong and extremely inappropriate. For example, some girls marry boys or go out with them secretly, without permission; and when people know about that, they start spreading the news and making up rumors about the girls. In addition to that, according to economist Gordon Dahl (from the” University of Rochester” n.d.), when parents get divorced, most of them stick around for their sons but not for their daughters. The majority of them prefer the company of sons and so choose to just sell their daughters to people they don’t really know. In other words, they are relinquishing and abandoning their daughters. For instance, fathers especially prefer taking care of their son’s education and entertainment because they would like to see their sons marry the women he loves and work in a place that pays him good salary. However, they think that the girl’s education isn’t that important since she can marry a man who will be responsible for her living and entertainment too; while the girl is actually most foreseeable to be living miserably with the man she was no willing to be with.
Nevertheless, some critics claim that parents know what’s best for their children. They say that if they send their daughters away to men then the girls...

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