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Transferability And Affordability: A Student Terror

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An Independent, working student that is majoring in the study of dental hygiene in the state of Florida has been offered a job in North Carolina. His plans are to continue his education in order to receive his degree and get a better position within his clinic. Come to find out, only a few of his credits are accepted in North Carolina. This fact has not only burdens him in matter of more classes and repeating classes. This credit transfer problem also comes the troubles of paying for those extra and repeated classes. The transferring of credits has caused this financial problem for too many students. May the transfer be between community college and universities or just the change of locations, such as state to state. It is nothing new to those who work in the education system but a typical college student, like myself are not made aware of these kinds of problems until after the fact.
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When a student changes schools may it be to a university or from state to state and his/her credits are not accepted, it causes the student a costly delay. That delay could push them back maybe a semester or even a whole year. Depending on the type of transfer can the cost be determined. If it is a university transfer, the cost of classes will be a bit more substantial. The cost of a state to state transfer can be a major timely and financial cost.
The costs and time of these types of delays can be quite discouraging for any type of student. With the ever rising cost of tuition, it makes it that much more difficult. Even with federal or private loans, students are still having a hard time keeping up. Due to the trouble of the recent economy and employment trouble, so let us discuss with the change of state transfer. The costs of just changing to another state school are changed to the category of “Out of State” tuition. People are constantly moving across the United States, due to promotions or even in search of employment in general in order to pay for the things they need. Higher education has become a necessity for all Americans.
As shown on the chart above (The College Board), Public school out-of-state tuition is on average approximately thirteen thousand dollars more than that of in-state. Now with that being said, for simplicity the forementioned student would be incurring even more expenses on top of the out-of-state tuition due to not all of his credits being accepted. The current Pell Grant for 2013-2014 is $5,645. The grant does not flucuate according to location. The grant only covers only part of the year’s tuition and leaves the student with around $7000. Without the additional grants, a student can turn to loans. May the loan be a federal or private, loans come with an interest percentage. Students are given the opportunity of not having to pay for them until they have completed their degree. A downfall to this same situation is that if a student encounters a setback that stops them for a certain period amount of time, they are then required to begin payments on these said loans. According to the magazine, Forbes, the average college graduate comes out of school with a debt of $26,000.

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