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Truman And Giver Essay

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There are many arguments about what will happen in the future of our world. Will there be flying cars and robots? Will it be a healthy, happy world or will it be a dark and gloomy world? In the societies of The Giver and The Truman Show, they are the “new and improved” utopias of someone else. Not everyone likes what the other person likes and in these societies the main characters have problems on their own trying to figure out what they should do. The Giver is about 12 year old boy named Jonas who lives in a strict environment and becomes the new Receiver of memory and faces the lies that has been hidden away from all the people. The Truman Show which is a movie that is about a 34-year-old man who has been watched from everybody ever since he was in his mother’s womb. Truman later realizes this and puts a stop to the whole show. Between The Giver and The Truman Show there are many similarities and differences that can be found.
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As for the nature of these societies, The Giver has no animals, music and colors. But for The Truman Show, there are regular animals, all the colors and music. Both communities have speakers and cameras everywhere to keep an eye on the people. They also both have climate control which controls the weather. Both of these societies are trying to make sure everything goes perfect in their world.
We know about the community although we have to know the time and place it takes it in. In The Giver the time is in the far future but in The Truman Show it takes place in our modern times. In both of these societies, technology is highly used from making the baby’s gender to video someone secret for their whole life. But because of this, in The Giver only the Receiver of Memory and the Giver are the only people that have the memories of the past. In The Truman Show, everybody except Truman remembers what has happened. Also, The Giver takes place in a small land and knows about everything outside. But The Truman Show takes place in a huge dome.
While The Giver and The Truman Show have some differences and similarities in their community and place, there are a lot of similarities between the two main characters and differences between the other people. Both of the main characters are male although Jonas is 12 years old while Truman is 34 years old. They both have a huge desire to go out and explore the rest of the world and end up rebelling in some sort of way. Meanwhile, in both communities everyone knows each other although in The Giver the people are not aware of what is going around them where in The Truman Show everybody is actors and knows everything that is going on. Also in The Giver the people have no choices and everything is decided and set out for them.
These two communities are examples of Utopias and even though they have the same name for it, these societies has many differences as well as similarities. People in Jonas’s community knew nothing that surrounded them while the people in Truman’s society the people were all actors just for the show. Jonas and Truman did not know what was going on until they fought against these vast similarities and differences. No Utopia is perfect for one person.

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