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Television Or Live? During half time at a football match I was watching a couple of days ago, I saw two successive commercials which made me reflect upon the ideas which are conveyed in the writing of this essay. One of the said commercials was advertising the weekly 'pay per view' game on Sky Sports, (for £8 you can see a football match at 1pm on a Sunday); and the other was an attempt to resurrect the waning support of our nation's rugby team by way of spreading the word that tickets for the next game at Murrayfield would only be £10 for adults and free for under 16's.This set me wondering, is it better to attend live sporting events, or is the television a suitable substitute? The advances made in television over the past few years, particularly the recent inauguration of digital TV, have resulted in far more extensive coverage of sports events as well as a better quality of programmes. This has left many people pondering about whether attending live sports events is still worth the effort.The main reasons people attend live events are: the atmosphere; to support their team/individual/sport; the fact it offers a 'day out'; and in the case of major sporting events the novelty of actually being there.I would say that all these reasons are quite plausible, and that support is essential to the success of anyone, particularly in sport.Many people who regularly go to football matches purchase season tickets, which, at a substantial saving to normal costs entitle the holders to attend every home game their team participates in. People who hold these tickets may feel that it was a waste of money if they were not to attend almost every week and so will often go to matches without any real desire to be there. I know this because I have a friend who insists on making the journey to Pittodrie on a regular basis and rarely fails to enthral me with yet another intolerably tedious tale of how bad the game/weather/halftime entertainment/boiled sweet he ate etc was. It never fails to intrigue me however, because despite his dissatisfaction with his regular jaunts, he never, ever considers stopping going to the football as an option. Perhaps he simply goes out of habit and, just like many people who continue to play a particular sport at which they are way past their best, he continues to frequent events which in his opinion are well past their peak. Or maybe it is he who is past his peak for the attendance of such events.From my own experience I realise that there is definitely an atmosphere unlike any other when attending a live event. It is impossible to recreate the joy of victory, the mass incensed reaction to referee's decisions or the collective feeling of injustice (even when you know it is entirely unjustified,) through any sort of televisual spectacle. However, a few months back Celtic suffered their only defeat (at the time of writing!) in the Premier Division this year. I did not manage to see the game at Pittodrie so instead went to...

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