Used Motor Homes: Private Sellers Vs. Dealerships

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Many factors will go into purchasing your motor home. The decision to purchase new or used will be determined by factors such as personal preference, financial ability and such. When deciding to purchase a used motor home, there is the question of where to purchase your used motor home from. The decision to purchase a used motor home from either a private seller or a used motor home dealer should be done after you weight the risks and benefits of both types of transactions. You will have to decide in the end what is best for you. Within this section, I will give you what you need to help make that decision easier for you by outlining the pros and cons of both.

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As well, most dealerships also offer some warranty with the purchase of your motor home. This will help in the event that something does go wrong with your motor home that the maintenance check did not catch. With a private seller you are purchasing the motor home “AS IS” without any guarantees as to how well maintained the motor home was. It is for this reason that you need to either be very knowledgeable or be able to take someone with you that is.
Chapter 4 – Motor Home Insurance

Your motor home is like a second home to you and your family. You have put a lot of time into purchasing a motor home that fits your wants and needs. Now the time has come to insure your motor home against unforeseen problems. Insuring your motor home is not something you should do as an after thought. It is something that you should do research on and look closely at so that you not only do you get the coverage you need but also so that you can get the coverage at a fair price.

Motor home insurance can become costly as you not only have to insure the motor home and the occupants like you would with a vehicle but you also have to insure the property that you have inside the motor home. Since the motor home is like a home on wheels, you will undoubtedly have personal belongings inside that will need to be covered. These personal items can cause your motor home insurance to be on the high side.

Despite the fact that the insuring of everything in the motor home makes your premiums run on the high side, it does however make it easier to replace these items should something happen. Therefore you need to do you research as I mentioned above so that you get the best deal you can. It is important to insure everything with your motor home the same way you would with your regular homeowners insurance. Cutting corners with your insurance is not a sound investment into your unforeseen future.

Most companies that offer motor home insurance will base your rates on not only the make, model, year and personal items to be insured but will also base your rates on the amount of time you use your motor home. If you travel full time in your motor home, you are going to have rates higher than someone who only uses it on the weekends. As such if you use your motor home almost every weekend, you will have higher rates than someone who uses the motor home occasionally. This is another reason you need to look into different companies and a question you need to ask potential insurance agencies about. For someone who only uses the motor home occasionally then it is a good bargain when a company offers lower rates for this. On the other hand, if a company offers a great rate no matter how much you use the motor home then this works for those that use the motor home a lot.

When doing your research on companies that insure motor homes, you need to look at not only the rate you are paying but what the company is offering for this rate. To get a better idea of what companies offer make...

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